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League of Legends Crossover Chapter/Licensed Killer Concept: Fiddlesticks, The Fear

JerZeyCJJerZeyCJ Member Posts: 14

So I know almost nothing about LoL but my friend who is into it showed me a video of the character "Fiddlesticks" with his new design and voicelines, and he is terrifying and it is *great.* So I've decided to try and turn him into a Killer.

The Fear https://i.ibb.co/K6KR8M9/Fiddlesticks.png

Name: Fiddlesticks

Alias: The Ancient Fear/The Demon of Fear

Height: Tall

Speed: 4.6 m/s

Terror Radius:32m; The Fear's voice https://youtu.be/1AIQXqTHWmA?t=361 can be heard out to an additional 45m

Power: A Harmless Scarecrow

Press and hold the *Power button* to create a **Scarecrow Effigy.** The Fear can place up to 2 Effigies at once, each with a radius of 10m that slowly expands over 60 seconds to become the size of The Fear's Terror Radius. Any Survivors within the radius of an Effigy suffer from the *Oblivious* status effect until they leave its radius.

While placed, Scarecrow Effigies also attract **Crows** after 30 seconds that gather within their radius. Once enough Crows have gathered, they swarm the first Survivor to disturb them and inflict them with the *Hindered* status effect until they leave the Effigy's radius and the Survivor's *Aura* is revealed to The Fear for 2 seconds when they are first swarmed. After swarming a Survivor, it takes 30 seconds for enough Crows to gather and swarm again. Crows cannot gather within the Effigy's radius while a swarm is currently attacking a Survivor. In addition, the rate at which Crows gather in an Effigy's radius is slowed if there is a Survivor inside it.

Survivors can break Scarecrow Effigies by approaching them and holding the *interact button,* this process is slowed if they are being swarmed by Crows and The Fear is alerted when an Effigy is destroyed or when a Survivor starts breaking it if they are currently being swarmed.


End of Men - When you **kill a Survivor by your own hand,** other Survivors within a 5m/10m/15m radius are Exposed for 10/15/20 seconds and are revealed to you for 1.5/2/2.5 seconds.

First of Ten - Putting a Survivor in the *Downed* state gives you 1 *First of Ten* token. Once you have collected 10/9/8 tokens, you gain the ability to **kill a Survivor by your own hand** and consume all of your First of Ten tokens.

Afraid? - While in your *Terror Radius,* Survivor's whimpers, breathing, and groans of pain are 20%/25%/30% louder

I also thought it would be cool if whenever The Fear hits a Survivor for the first time in a match, he addresses them with a specific voiceline relating to them; similar to what he does when he first meets another character in League of Legends.

And that's everything, let me know what you think.


  • KaraageKaraage Member Posts: 304
    edited March 2020

    End of Men: Writing 1.5/2/2.5 like this reminds me more of LoL Patch Notes rather than DBD ;) How about just making it flat 3 or 4 seconds?

    First of Ten - surprisingly balanced if not little underpowered. 8 downs for a Mori, while similar Devour Hope requires just 5 downs and doesn't require stacking up again and also gives You instadowns on 3 downs but can be cleansed at any time. Also a little bit funny how You called it First of Ten, then lower required Tokens to Eight.

    Afraid? - Stridor is superior in every way, I'm afraid?

  • JerZeyCJJerZeyCJ Member Posts: 14

    I was erring on the side of underpowered for most of the perks, yeah. Thought it would better to be a bit underpowered and be told to bump them up than come in with a bunch of overpowered ones.

    End of Men - So just bumping up the aura reveal time would be good enough you think?

    First of Ten - Do you think dropping the downs needed 1 or 2 lower would make it a little less underpowered or would that be too much(and the humor isn't lost on me re: the name and downs needed; I just couldn't think of a better one and the "Fid-dle-sticks, end of Men. Fid-dle-sticks, first of Ten!" is a great voiceline from him)

    Afraid - I'll be completely honest, I had just completely forgotten stridor was a thing when I was trying to think up perks(as did my friend who is way more into the game than me when I asked him if a similar perk already existed). So yeah, that'll get changed(I'm open to suggestions). Its just a pain editing posts on here because they disappear for hours at a time awaiting re-approval.

  • KaraageKaraage Member Posts: 304


    End of Men - I think that having the perk only activate on Mori kills would make it very niche. Usually Survivors don't gather round to watch Killer performing Mori (except Ghostface, everyone's in to take a selfie together ;) If You want to buff it more, how about making it activate on 'completed sacrifices' as well? You know, killing someone on the Hook.

    First of Ten - 8 feels right to me. You can hook each Survivor maximum of 3 Times, for a total of 12 Hooks in game, which theoretically equals to 12 Downs. Enabling mori at 75% completed Killer objective seems fair?, since You can't cleanse it like Devour Hope. If You slug a little, You should be able to earn second Mori. Requiring only 6 downs could make the perk too easily abusable.

    Afraid - Just a quick idea I got. For some reason, I started thinking of Beast of Prey while thinking about Afraid, so how about making people in Your Terror Radius scream and reveal their location each time You gain a Bloodlust Tier? Or not TR, just in range of 32 metres or something, so You could combo it with Beast of Prey or stealthier Killers.

  • ImmersedPootisBirdImmersedPootisBird Member Posts: 30

    This is a really cool interpretation of fiddlesticks for DBD, the power is certainly unique and the perks (save for "afraid?") are as well. However, I'm a little confused and concerned about the additional 45 meter voice radius. Does it mean that he emits voices up to 45 meters away from himself, or does it mean that it extends 45 meters from the edge of the terror radius, leading to the ridiculous 77 meter radius when combined?

    On a different note, I plan on making my own interpretation of fiddlesticks for DBD, making his power and perks based off of his abilities in league.

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