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For map changes or for no map changes

Smaller maps with less god loops and safe loops? Or keep the maps the same as they are without any tweaking.


  • Awkward_FiendAwkward_Fiend Member Posts: 687

    Maps either have to be smaller and safer, or smaller and stealthier. If we double dip and make them both smaller and more dangerous then we haven't balanced the map, we've just made them killer sided.

    The smaller maps in the game, aside from the indoor ones, all have a VERY good unique structure (Coal Tower, Saloon, Chapel).

  • KwikwittedKwikwitted Member Posts: 641

    There's definitely a couple maps that really stick out as being just ridiculously huge.

    1. Disturbed Ward - WAY too big with a very good central structure and generators put about five miles apart.
    2. Ormond - Not necessarily too big but big enough and with some of the worst loops in the game that just can't be mind-gamed.
    3. Rotten Fields - The only killer who likes this map is Billy, Corn is difficult to see and absolutely cancerous to stealth killers.

    On the flip side, Hawkins is definitely an unfair map for survivors, I'm a killer main and even I'll concede I abuse the hell out of those offerings when they show up in my blood web.

    Lery's is a mixed bag, while many survivors complain about it I have seen optimal survivors on Lery's absolutely be uncatchable if they have a good understanding of the layout. I think what makes Lery's difficult for many survivors is they don't realize how they can loop several mini-loops into a really difficult loop. There's a similar ability on Hawkins, but that dies the minute I start breaking pallets.

    The best test should be a killer shouldn't see a generator pop before he's been able to walk across the map, that's usually not a good sign of good map design.

  • SplinterverseSplinterverse Member Posts: 424

    No, maps need to remain large, but things on those maps can be tweaked or perks added to help killers compensate.

    Small maps are no fun to play on as survivor. The few small maps we have suck so much BLEEP. I hate Crotus Penn with a passion.

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