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I hate protective hit...

tippy2k2tippy2k2 Member Posts: 2,160
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Out of all the challenges, I absolutely positively hate this one the most.

There is only one reliable way to get a PH counted and that's by letting the killer hit you when they're carrying someone. In the VAST majority of cases, all you've done is slightly inconvenience the killer as they have to take 2 seconds to hang their person. You've done nothing protective and only took a hit for funsy

This guy was being carried so I sabo the hook. The killer drops the guy and goes after me, eventually allowing the survivor to get picked up by another survivor and escape. This however doesn't count even though my actions ACTUALLY saved someone rather than do nothing (and yes, I did take a hit during my distraction if you were wondering, just a few feet from the downed guy instead of while he was being carried).

Please don't ever have protective hit as a challenge ever again. That is all.


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