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Killer perks

For the love of god PLEASE GET RID OF BARBEQUE AND CHILLI. It is by far the most OP perk in the game!!! I don’t care if you have to get rid of a good survivor perk for it. I want it GONE.


  • noname12344noname12344 Member Posts: 7

    I took the time to make an account for this when I have never used this simply to write this post because that is how much I despise it.

  • limierrlimierr Member Posts: 162

    All it ask you is to follow two simple rules in order to counter the perk at 100%.

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 5,599
    edited March 25

    BBQ Counters 101:

    • Hide in a locker
    • Be inside 40m radius
    • walk one way then walk the other way
    • Distortion
    • Off The Record
    • Ignore the aura reading
    • [EDIT] Oh also im not sure if this works but - Hiding behind a generator(?)
  • KingFrostKingFrost Member Posts: 925

    Ahh, I get what you're saying. You'd rather the killer proxy camp. I getcha. Personally I'm not a fan of that, but whatevs.

  • CheersTCCheersTC Member Posts: 3,094

    He hates it because he doesn't want the killer leaving him for another survivor.

  • noname12344noname12344 Member Posts: 7

    I have tried all of those counters and none of them work. And you can’t get in a

    i have tried all of those counters and none of them work. It is hard to get in a 40 m radius when you are already far away. And no I do not want the killer to proxy camp that is another big pet peeve of mine. They should go search for other survivors without the help of a perk. It is not fair to the survivors who are doing gens like they are supposed to having their location revealed by a player who keeps getting hooked. Every killer uses bbq and chilli because they know it is the most powerful and I’m sick of it.

  • KingFrostKingFrost Member Posts: 925
    edited March 26

    Too bad. You don't always get what you want. If BBQ goes, proxy camping is the only thing killers will be able to do. I'm not going to search random generators in hopes of finding someone.

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 5,599

    Then Thrilling Tremors would get used. Which is basically BBQ but gets only 1 counter and that's it.

  • noname12344noname12344 Member Posts: 7

    it is literally not hard all you have to do is check the gens closest to you. Proxy camping is still an issue with or without bbq and it will always be an issue unless something changes. The game is meant to be a 4v1 and many killers do not understand that and will just go for the same person. Proxy camping is not the only thing to do there are other strong killer perks like NOED, discordance, Ruin, etc. and other aura perks as well. I either die by camping or bbq. It makes the game not enjoyable. Killers are at a huge advantage in the game because all you need is one good player whereas survivor sided you need all four to do their part.

  • limierrlimierr Member Posts: 162

    Wait a second ... How it is possible to be hard to be at 40m of the killer when :

    => You see the survivor who get down (so you can estimate the distance)

    => You know when the killer is carrying the survivor and his global direction when he moves

    => You see the aura of the survivor who get hook before the animation is finish.

    => To take, carry and hook the killer takes around 8s -10s.

    For locker if you are at more than 40m and decide to really stay away :

    => You can fast enter a locker : the killer will have no notification because you are at more than 32m.

    => The only way a kill will know that you do so will be if he use iron maiden (if you escape the locker) and I'm all ears ( you need to be even more further at 49m).

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 5,599

    NOED, discordance, Ruin

    Do totems, counter it by not working together, And ruin is only useful if the killer knows what he's doing... and if deleted early big oof

  • noname12344noname12344 Member Posts: 7

    actually it can take less time than that depending on where the closest hook is and if the killer is aware of their surroundings. Most of the time, in my case at least, it takes no more than 5 seconds. It is not possible for me to run that fast in that amount of time when I am on the opposite side of the map. And it is also a huge pain in the ass And a disadvantage to have to stop what you are doing every time a survivor gets hooked which is a good majority of the game. Nothing will ever get done that way. And as far as the locker thing goes, there are not always lockers in close range. I have been getting stuck with [BAD WORD] team mates who go down all the time recently and bbq does not help with that.

  • APoipleTurtleAPoipleTurtle Member Posts: 189

    Cannot believe people are still complaining about BBQ & Chili, even after it got nerfed into its current (and pretty balanced) state.

    All the counters people have previously stated do indeed work to prevent its aura reading with ONE exception: hiding behind a generator is entirely relying on the killer having poor observational skills. The survivor auras are a brighter color (kind of orange-ish) than the red gen auras and can be seen behind it. This was something they changed at one point to bolster the perk more from its nerf.

    Even funnier is that most people just run BBQ & Chili because it's easy double BP. If they took its BP bonus and made it a base feature (something the community has been after for a while), this perk's popularity would definitely drop a bit.

    Only a minor selection of the killer cast who have really good range/mobility options truly see big benefits from the aura reading this perk offers (mainly Huntress, Billy, Nurse, Freddy, and maybe Oni). It's really fine as it is. If you are truly having trouble with it, then respect the perk and utilize one of its many counterplay options.

  • noname12344noname12344 Member Posts: 7

    Distortion does not work for the whole game FYI. They may have nerfed the perk but it is still OP in my opinion. Killers already have a huge advantage in the game and perks like these added to it just make them even more powerful. On top of the camping and tunneling that most killers do.

  • limierrlimierr Member Posts: 162

    Wait so if i resume :

    => You get in a corner of the map at more than 40m


    => In a spot where is 0 locker at 20 m of you


    => There is no gen unfinish to hide


    => The killer manage to down, grab, hook and finish the hook animation see survivor aura in less than 5s... To make it simple , the only moment it could occurs is if the survivors is nearly under a hook.


    => Following this 4s you are in open space where the killer can insta come and so you can't stealth at all.

    To be honnest, this scenario even by statistic or will appear ONE time in a week (exemple : focus on destroy a totem, late save hook for another survivor, ...)..

    "And it is also a huge pain in the ass And a disadvantage to have to stop what you are doing every time a survivor gets hooked which is a good majority of the game" : isn't the point of a survival game to survive ? Isn't survive apply to pass some difficulty ? And honnestly :

    => Any decent survivor can loop a killer for 30-40s (3x half generators) for one chase without taking in account the fact to found, hook, ...

    => You waste around 8s to hide and make sure to survivor and complete a generator that won't be reveal (so you don't lose your progress unless you show yourself to the killer but here bbq won't change much).

    " Nothing will ever get done that way." : ok let makes some small calcul :

    => 4 survivors = each others 80s to repair one gen

    => Time to found a survivor : around 15-20s as i take in account the first hit.

    => Time to down the survivor after loop : 30-40

    => Time to hook a survivor, i will take your 5s.

    ==>> So it makes for one survivor from 50s to 65s. So if i make a small calcul there is around 3 gens nearly done or 2 gens done (with time to hide and make safe rescue).

    => Let imagine you who don't follow this rules and decide to do the gen in all case :

    *The killer will need around 8s to get to you if we take an open space without trouble.

    *You will take around 40s to loop and 5s to get hook so in total : 53s.

    *The survivor will be save without trouble and heal directly : 16s for heal alone and 1s for unhook from memory with 8s to get to the hook so 25s (half of your loop time).

    *During this time another survivor will repair a gen as the two survivors will repair a gen together.

    => As the killer will have hook his second target , survivors will have two gens well progress.

    and etc.

    If you resume the situation you will have 3 hooks as all gens are complete or nearly complete.

    "And as far as the locker thing goes, there are not always lockers in close range." : but a place at more than 40m of the hook , where there is no gen or even a locker ... It is EXTREMELY rare.

    "I have been getting stuck with [BAD WORD] team mates who go down all the time recently and bbq does not help with that." : HERE ! You point of the problem yourself. The problem is not the perk, it is your teamate.

  • noname12344noname12344 Member Posts: 7

    Okay you took wayyyy too much time on that and turned it into a whole novel like an English paper or something lmao. Did you actually take the time to look all of that up? Obvi those statistics are not the same for every game it varies so those are not factual it depends on a lot of things. I don’t really need to explain myself to you. Every person has their own different scenarios and this was just my honest opinion. Yes you are correct the goal of the game is to survive, but it makes it extremely difficult when you are having your location revealed constantly. And no I am not talking about every time sometimes I am able to hide in a locker but a good majority of the time I am busy doing something else such as healing a team mate, doing a gen, cleansing a totem, or other objectives and I can not make it there fast enough. The last point I made about having awful team mates actually makes it worse when a killer has bbq and chilli because it gives the killer a huge advantage and that is something that you can not control. You can think what you want but let’s just agree to disagree at this point.

  • xTalon32xTalon32 Member Posts: 326

    @noname12344 You have not provided any valid argument to what you're saying. You blame your team mates rather than looking at what people are telling you. I play solo survivor and BBQ is easy to counter. You're simply unwilling to accept that there are things you're not doing/choose not to do to counter it. If you find it hard to play survivor I dare you to play killer for a week straight without making a post with no real complaint or even a suggested solution that doesn't make the game more unfair than it already is.

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