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it is horrible to play killer

this game is fully benefited for experienced survivors with their GEN RUSH in SWF with COMMUNICATION.

it is extremely stressful to play killer in this game, no matter how well you play the gen rush are always present in the game.

The swf unbalances this whole game, they are always talking about where the killer is and what he is doing so that others are free and calm.

But BHVR only wants to see the side of the surviving babies, who do not know how to face the murderers and therefore they are destroying the murderers so that the babies are happy.

I really like to play the killer, but I stopped playing because of this tremendous imbalance that has been in this game since the last nerf. It is very easy for you to take 2 or 3 generators at the start of the game. The number of assassins has decreased tremendously since the nerf in hex ruin.

I just feel sorry for the terrible work of BHVR that does not even know how to balance a game, let alone fix bugs like (RANK UPDATE ERROR) !!!


  • LikeEnderLikeEnder Member Posts: 1

    You good? You seem a bit confused.

    Im not sure how many SWF's you go against but atleast from my experience it doesn't happen to often. To be honest i agree with you on the point that the Ruin nerf was not so good for the game but I dont think that SWF is the problem here. I think gen repairing speed is the problem. Gens go by way too fast which ruins the game for killers unless they use things like NOED or a mori. I know that SWF's are annoying to go against but a SWF of 2 isnt that strong. A SWF of 3 or 4, yeah sure they're strong but that rarely ever happens.

    Also insulting the dev team isn't a good way to proove your point it's just unnecessary and rude.

  • ASurvkillivorerASurvkillivorer Member Posts: 1,042

    They need to fix barriers and the weird way the auto aim feels like it can be exploited.

    I just start a match as Oni and find 3 survivros INSTANTLY. The game does its auto aim thing and for some reason makes me miss an EXTREMELY easy hit. Huge advantage just sacrificed. I chase the person anyways already getting pissed off. They run near a person on a totem. Oh lovely the game prioritized the survivors let go over my grab for the billionth time. Not even 30 seconds in and game design has screwed me twice. I chase the guy who is now injured over to one of the BS infinites. Like a smart killer I assume he has dead hard and ONCE AGAIN his deadhard is prioritized over my swing and he pallet stuns me. He jumps through a vault and I try to once again do the smart thing and move around the garage door but once again an invisible barrier slows me for a fraction of a second and anyone who knows this game knows a second loss is a death sentence on a loop. In this time 2 gens get done. I rage quit. Could give a [BAD WORD] less if I get judged for it either. I am so tired of mistakes that aren't even at the killers control costing an entire match. Meanwhile survivors just have to EXTEND chases to REALLY win them as opposed to get away.

    In short that is what completely turns me off to this game. How FREQUENT some BS will happen that isn't even my fault and it takes a STRONG situation for the killer and turns into into a disadvantage. THAT quickly. One missed attack.

  • YoukoYouko Member Posts: 80

    Instablind flashlight, 3 man body block, 4 people loaded with 2nd chance perks, autoaim exploit, impossible loops, almost instant sabo, and latency prevents gen and hook grabs.

    Nerfing the Deathslinger's aim is the last straw. I put up with the grindy battle pass, all the other nerfs, the grindy blood web. I LOVE the lore of this game and its characters, but I am HATE PLAYING at this point, trying to convince myself I'm having fun.

    The survivors can have the game. May their queue be infinite.

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