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I just got out of a 50 minute session with 2 remaining survivors. I remember the age-old issue of hatch stand offs. IN this match. 3 generators spawned exactly around the Excavator on Autowreckers "I shape map". and I figured after 45 minutes of nothing being able to be done. That we need a way to give a signal to the survivors that we are going to let them free.

The match is at a stalemate and both sides are not going to win either way. Instead of prolonging this or having to DC on either side. Some sort of QoL change would be appreciated. (A way to signal, and the killer no longer has power to harm the other side)?


  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 5,581

    Or hard limit on the duration of the match. Like 25-30 minutes?

  • PassarinoTPassarinoT Member Posts: 360

    I'm with Milo on this, maybe something similar to the effect of EGC, possibly after 10 minutes of no work being done on gens or 20 minutes of no progression in the game at all, a countdown can begin that's like 3 minutes long and exit gates are enabled. Although, maybe the gates should have an extra long opening time as a penalty for even reaching that stage.

  • InnCognitoInnCognito Member Posts: 393

    Yeah it sounds like a good idea.

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