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Reduce the Shards for Survivors/ Killers and here’s why.

Okay here me out

if you already own perks for a killer or survivor that is purchasable WITH SHARDS the killer shard price should go down and Here’s why you bought their perks in the shrine for 2000 shards and you still have to spend 9000 shards for the killer is dumb.

I told myself I’m never gonna buy that Dusty Electrified Head Sliced Up Blue Looking Smurf aka The Spirit. I don’t like her and I don’t want to play her. I owned all of her perks priority to the rift coming out. Founding out I have to spend 15,000 Shards and I have to now play this washed up blueberry is mad annoying. I’m devotion 7 level 30 and Shards comes in small bunch. I haven’t bought Jeff, Kate, and Spirit I own all their perks and I don’t want to play them.

I’m sure there are people out there who doesn’t like spending their shards on survivors nor killers and only buys perks that they wanted when it comes into the shrine.

Had a friend that got 2 of Janes perks comes to find out that she had to buy Jane they were mad triggered wasting 13,000 shards on Jane and they don’t even want her.

so I suggest that killers/survivors who are purchasable with shards should have their shards reduced if you already own X amount of perks of them.

1 perk owned - price : 7000 shards

2 perks owned- price : 5000 shards

all 3 perks owned- price : 3000 shards

I think this is fair IMO reduced by 2000 shards per perk owned.


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