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How would you feel about new rarity types?

I've seen the idea floating around that the Ebony Mori should be harder to obtain considering it's effects, so I got to thinking about new rarity types. I've also taken into consideration the specific add-ons some killers have access to which weakens their power but grant extra bloodpoints. I feel like those types of add-ons break the usual add-on sets killers have access to and it'd be neat to give them their own spawn rate and rarity. The Ivory Mori would become an Ultra-Rare offering to fill the Ebony Mori's old spot. The Cypress Mori would remain where it is.

"Super-Rare" (A silver/grey colour scheme that would emit particle effects) = Reserved for the Ebony Mori and any future offerings the developers may implement. Spawn rate would be higher than that of an Ultra-Rare item.

"Unique" (add-ons that have a light blue colour scheme" = Reserved for add-ons that weaken a Killers power in exchange for a higher BP gain (e.g Trappers Padded Jaws, Wraiths non supressed TR while cloaked add-on, Chainsaw bro's Speed Limiter, Deathslingers weak chain etc). A buff to the Bloodpoint gains would probably be appropriate to make the risk of using these add-ons worth it. Considering the amount of usage these add-ons would receive, the spawn rate would be similar to that of Ultra-Rare add-ons (possibly Very-Rare)


  • PeanitsPeanits Dev, Community Manager Posts: 6,195

    As far as a higher rarity for things like an Ebony Mori, I don't think it would really change the way it's perceived. The main gripe people have with them is that they're a huge advantage that you can bring into the game whenever you want, earned by doings things outside of that match (bloodweb). If someone doesn't want to go up against it, it wouldn't matter if they were somewhat rare or very rare, the end result is the same: You are going to die way faster that match because someone brought one.

  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 1,026

    My understanding was that the Ebony Mori was hated because of the ease as to which killers can obtain said Memento Mori, and this stems from the absurd amount of bloodpoints players can obtain, far surpassing the ability for any player to fully exhaust all of his/her offerings and/or add-ons before reaching the bloodpoint cap and buying new ones. I wouldn't mind facing a killer with an Ebony once in a blue moon while knowing it was the killer's only chance for quite some time to use one, but I know that many people have stacks of 52 ebony moris (as I do on Hag) that would take upwards of 52 matches to spend (accounting for leveling in-between), and being able to hoard and then use them all like that shouldn't be so easy.

    @op , Rather than try to invent new rarities, it would be better to focus efforts on how to minimize player acquisition of memento mori offerings through moving perks to their own leveling area and making the bloodweb solely for add-ons, items, and offerings (which could then be made more expensive, since the reason add-ons were made cheaper in the first place was to allow players to obtain more perks more easily).

  • PredatedPredated Member Posts: 481

    I honestly dont understand why Ebony Mori, something that is basically a killer version of a combination of DS, BT, Unbreakable, Deliverance and Adrenaline, doesnt give the killer any punishment for using it.

    It's too easy to earn and doesnt have any real downsides of using it. People genrush when they even suspect a Mori, let alone that they leave people on hooks untill second stage just because they know killers are close enough to rush a mori and are gonna kill them otherwise anyway. I already tried suggesting a fix for the easiness of it, but considering any Mori is basically a 5th perk while survivors dont even have an equivelant offering that even compares in strength to a mori(even a 4 stack of vigo's doesnt give an unhook certainty, while a mori does give a certainty in killing), the only 4 solutions I can think off instead is:

    1. Add a timer to people being able to be Mori'd.
    2. Give survivors an offering that prevents them from being Mori'd which should be as common, if not more common than an Ebony Mori(considering there are 3 types of Mori AND there is no garantuee that there is a Mori, meaning survivors can easily waste an anti-Mori when the killers are not using a Mori).
    3. Make it a token based system including generators(every 2 tokens being equal to a single kill, which counters genrushing in general too).
    4. Remove Ebony Mori entirely.
  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 8,283

    The only issue I have with ebony moris is how common they are relative to their power level - in other words, the same thing you and OP are describing. That's because I look at balance as spanning over the game as a whole, not on a match-by-match basis, so if something is very powerful but equally very rare, I still consider that balanced. But I do think that the hatred most people hold for ebony moris is on a micro, match-specific level, which leads to the attitude that Peanits described.

    In other words, personally I'm absolutely on board with the idea of simply increasing the rarity, by whatever means, but I think it's true that that wouldn't solve the problem for everyone. Not that the aim should be to keep players happy at the expense of good design, but rarity is not the main issue as far as general community consensus goes.

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