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Better Together needs a buff and I have an idea!

AqviKAqviK Member Posts: 20
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Better Together is very close to become a very good perk, but something is missing for him

Now how my Better Together suggestion version works:

If you repair the generator, then its aura will be visible to other survivors within a radius of 64 meters

If The Killer downs a Survivor everyone sees each other's auras for 8/9/10 seconds (also in the lower right corner the bETTER TOGETHER icon appears)

during the healing of the survivor, you see the aura of other survivors and other survivors see your aura at a distance of 64(or 32?) meters

Now the meaning of the perk is more consistent with its name and this buff would have a VERY positive effect on it and people would start using it more often

I believe that these improvements will have a very positive effect on it

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