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Crazy change for keys buuut hear me out.

Keys can be unfair and is considered a free escape as if you have a key, it doesn’t matter if a killer finds the hatch first because you can open it right back up. It’s also mainly used by swf because on coms, someone can just say “found the hatch” and escape leaving the solo player at a huge disadvantage. trust me this happens a lot.

the changes made are now based around exit gates and give more time to keys so the addons can actually be used. at the same time it also eliminates darn moments as a killer and makes it where solo players don’t be at a disadvantage.

Instead of keys being used to unlock the hatch, keys will now be used to unlock the exit gate(s) instantly.


  • Broken Key: Cannot open exit gates. 25 seconds of use.
  • Dull Key: Can unlock 1 exit gate. 15 seconds of use.
  • Skeleton Key: Can unlock both exit gates. 45 seconds of use.


  • Eroded Token: Reveals survivors auras when within a range of 48 meters.
  • Gold Token: Reveals the aura of survivors within 32 meters, other survivors can see each other’s auras within 32 meters when active. (kind of like a mini kindred)
  • Milky Glass: Reveals the aura of exit gates to all survivors. Tremendously decreases key efficiency.
  • Weaved Ring: Do not lose the key upon unlocking exit gate(s), lose this addon instead.
  • Scratched Pearl: This addon does not activate until the last generator is complete. Once the last generator has been completed, the killer cannot see the auras of exit gate boxes.

What are your thoughts? Also before anyone says “but moris” yes moris can use some changing. especially ebony. but that’s for another discussion. And yes I took Wake Up! into consideration so it doesn’t become totally useless, I still love Quentin :)


  • PyroGLPyroGL Member Posts: 127

    Does your idea hinge on all 5 gens being completed before the key can open gates?

  • Doddle28Doddle28 Member Posts: 1,492

    I'd assume it does. If not then they're worse than current keys.

    Yeah op, I really like your idea here. I hope the devs pay attention (solo survivor is really fun), but unfortunately I don't think they'll change the hatch unlocking functionality of keys because of the archive challenges.

  • APoipleTurtleAPoipleTurtle Member Posts: 185

    I'm all for a rework to keys, however I would strongly prefer that they get an actual "base" ability over just opening things. They are the only item set in the game which literally doesn't do anything prior to the end-game (unless you happen to have the obscure "Up the Ante" perk or brought your own key in with add-ons). As the Green key doesn't even unlock anything, it is still earning it's place as the worst item in the game. I'm skeptical its rarity is truly for any purpose other than preventing this piece of junk from being in every other chest survivors search.

    Where maps are great for tracking objects in a match, I'd really like to see keys instead re-focused for aura reading other players in a trial by default.

    -Broken (Green): When channeled, shows auras of other survivors (64m). Intended as a better version of "Bond" that is limited by the key's charges. Still doesn't open anything, but should gain the best charge-efficiency of the three keys (possibly bumped up to 30 seconds of use, the highest of the keys).

    -Dull (Purple): Works similar to the Broken Key, but also reveals your aura to the other survivors while being channeled. Has a range equivalent to Empathy (128m) but can't be used for as long (15 seconds). This key should LOSE the ability to open the hatch, but provide a slight boost to opening exit gates if it hasn't deactivated from running out of charges.

    -Skeleton (Red): I would make this key work a little different to the previous two: Instead of channeling to use its charges, it would be charged up to "pulse" the map, revealing all survivor auras to all other survivors. Without add-ons, it could only do this 2-3 times (effectively adjusting it down to 10-15 seconds of use). The pulse would create a loud-noise-indication for the killer. As an additional method of adding risk/reward to this particular item, I also think it should do a mini-pulse automatically every 50-60 seconds which reveals the aura of the survivor who most recently touched the key to the killer for 3 seconds.

    It's probably an unpopular opinion, but I'm okay with this last key retaining the ability to open the hatch. I think it is feasibly a rare enough item for this to be okay, though I also believe all the "save the key upon X" add-on's do need to bite the bullet. If the Skeleton key opens the hatch, it should be completely consumed in exchange for your escape. As a safety measure, they could also adjust this key to only work on the hatch if it has at least one charge left.

    In addition to the above, I also think all keys should reveal the location of exit gate switches while channeling/pulsing (even when the gates aren't powered).

    As far as add-ons. I would generally just convert many of them to simply improve the amount of charges, charge efficiency, or range. As I'd mentioned earlier, I don't think keys should keep add-ons that prevent loss of the key (its not like other items get this insurance).

    Some alternatives add-on ideas, for fun:

    -Blood Amber: Allows key to reveal killer's aura, but halves its range (to 32m/64m/128m respectively) and removes 1/3 of the key's total capacity. Killer can also see YOUR AURA while key is being channeled. In the case of the Skeleton Key, the killer's aura is revealed to all survivors with the pulse, but the killer can also see all survivor auras for the same duration.

    -Scratched Pearl: Your idea for this blocking killer's aura reading on exit gates sounded interesting, so I'd go with that. I do think its rarity needs to bumped up to purple or red in this case, though.

    -Eroded Token: Allow's key's survivor aura reading to occur passively at half its range. Passive aura reading does not consume charges (and the key can be channeled like normal), but the key loses any of its standard passive abilities (will no longer help with gates or hatch). If combined with Blood Amber, the negative effects DO stack, but killer's aura cannot be read passively.

    -Gold Token: Allows other survivors to see your aura when within half of your key's current range. For the Skeleton key, they see your aura during the key's mini-pulses. Enhances aura reading range of any of your perks by 8m (same as "Open Handed").

    -Milky Glass: Channelling the Key will hide your aura (from killer and survivors both). Tremendously decreases efficiency of the key. Used with the base skeleton key, this add-on would limit it to one pulse, but it would hide all survivor auras from the killer for 4-5 seconds instead of revealing them.

    -Weaved Ring: Allows you to form a "link" with any other survivors holding a key. You can see their aura when they are within your key's range and looking in your direction.

    -Wedding Ring: Same general function as the above, but in regards to the current obsession instead of another key.

    But these are all just my thoughts on what keys could become. I really don't think these items are in a great state right now, nor do I think they are generally good for the game with their unhealthy focus on getting a somewhat cheap escape through the hatch.

    I don't personally think allowing keys to straight-up open exit gates instead will improve the situation, but giving them more uses earlier in a trial could open up some interesting gameplay involving them. Also limiting hatch-escape-keys to ONLY the rarest one (Skeleton) would hopefully keep that mechanic in the game while making it a significantly less common (and frustrating) occurrence.

  • HakuHaku Member Posts: 529
    edited March 28

    I think that is even worse .... It means instead of hatch people with keys will camp the door and it will be even easier to exit then fiding the hatch cause you can see doors easly. There is even a perk for it. Not a good idea !

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