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Audio issues, footsteps to be more specific

VanVan Member Posts: 4
edited March 26 in Audio

Plataform: PC

Since i started playing DBD i can´t hear the footsteps from the survivors as clear as it needs to be. This happens only on the "regular" grounds, on the houses on Yamaokas State map i can hear it but not as lowd as it is on videos that i see. I tested that with a friend on a custom match and i couldn´t hear it, he was very close to me and i wasn´t in a chase so the music wouldn´t get in the way. I changed the setups of my headphone a lot of times and nothing worked. Is anyone having this issue or something like this? It´s really anoying to play as killer and won´t be able o track people from the most relliable way.

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