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Genrushing too common?

PassarinoTPassarinoT Member Posts: 360

I usually love playing killer in a casual sort of way, not really minding half of the team escaping or anything, and playing killers that nobody deems toxic, but after the bloodrush began, I have been getting genrushed to hell and back. Gens are so far spread apart and even corrupt intervention, pop goes the weasel, dead mans switch, and surge have no luck in stopping the rush for me. I hate playing toxic but lately I've been having to use more powerful killers like oni, spirit, and deathslinger, all the while a good survivor can evade hits for ages on huge maps like Ormond, Mothers Dwelling, and any other big maps.

Sorry to sound like a die-hard killer main who loves to complain, but this genrush has gotten INSANE since bloodrush began and people started queuing together more often. I feel like there should be a sort of balance to how fast survive with friends can complete gens. I played Oni on Ormond and got looped for 3 gens because there were so many powerful loops and it was such a huge map that I couldn't find any other survivors to chase. I got 1 kill, but it was absolutely painful being looped for so long around an entire half of the map.

I'm just curious, is this an insanely big problem for anybody else now? I loved playing killer but now all I get is people who gen rush me and loop for ages around huge maps, and it's just crushing my will to play this game now. I really would like to see anybody's proposals for anti-genrushing stuff. And if you're here to say "git gud", save your breath, plenty of others already tell me that post-match when I ask if they're swf.

I don't want to resort to mori's either, those are just irrelevant and too much of an instant advantage IMO. I also think ruin is fine as is but the distance between gens is absurd combined with how survivors literally have to move nowhere to do it. The game feels like I have a flight that's about to leave in 5 minutes and I have to catch all 4 of my cats around the airport before I can board.

Sorry this was more of a rant. I'd love to hear your feedback on how you guys suggest I play better or how the devs better this issue, if it's not unique to me, that is.

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  • PeasantPeasant Member Posts: 4,105

    What killer do you prefer?

    Do you have Corrupt Intervention or NOED?

    If you can answer these, I might be able to help. As a guy who plays both killer and survivor I too have seen the rush.

  • PassarinoTPassarinoT Member Posts: 360

    I prefer any of these:

    Deathslinger, Oni, Ghostface, Hag, Plague, or Demogorgon

    I have corrupt and NOED on all, I just really don't like using NOED as I see it as way too crutch. On the same note, corrupt is good but it does not work on big maps so well.

  • PeasantPeasant Member Posts: 4,105

    Sorry for the delay, mobile forum kicked me out and wouldn't let me log back in.

    For all of those characters I would advise a defensive playstyle. I would encourage you to equip NOED if you have it on each of them and instead of focusing on guarding on all 7 generators focus on guarding the closest 4. Survivor spawns normally have the survivors spawn far away from you. (This excludes Azarov's Resting Place where 3 of them spawn on the other side of the map and one of them spawn on your side.) So let them complete the far generators it would be too difficult to patrol then you just have to defend the last 4. NOED is your Ace in the Hole. Besides, once enough killer mains start using NOED then survivors will start trying to do totems which buys you more time.

    Use NOED now, for totem respect later.

    As for strategies, make a "Hag Nest" around the 4-3 closest gens. Make Demo portals at all of the generators and use Ruin and Surveillance to keep 'em locked down. Plague, just let 'em come to you if they cleanse far away who gives a crap, that'll eventually proc Corrupt Purge. For Deathslinger just drag them into your danger zone. Ghostface and Oni strategies I leave to you though. I hope this helps somewhat.

  • jamakojamako Member Posts: 46

    I've played a lot Oni recently using Nurse's Calling, Ruin and BBQ mostly (and Whispers but i'll change it for Infectious fright) and most of the games where Ruin stayed up long enough I got all 4 survivors and had fun with the game.

    My strategy is usually to vaguely check the vicinity around my precious hex totem with whispers and then go for the first survivor I see, farm them for blood until power is up, hook, activate and then snowball with BBQ. While his power is active you can easily pressure people away from gens and Ruin will do the rest. And rapidly downing people should help use the map pressure to keep the gens from being rushed.

    I watched a lot of Scott Jund's Oni gameplays, which helped, but I still have a long way to go with him. But I think if handled correctly and if you find, farm and down your first victim quick enough, Oni can snowball pretty hard.

    Also try Corrupt Intervention instead of Ruin to stall the game. (More consistent)

  • PassarinoTPassarinoT Member Posts: 360

    I hugely appreciate this response and the effort you put in to it, but I'm a very much so veteran player and none of this is news to me sadly. I don't want to resort to offerings, but I've done all of the things listed and then some with no luck lately. Again, huge thanks for the response but I don't think it's as simple as just playing killers right anymore, the game isn't in their hands quite as much.

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,079
    edited March 28

    I understand, especially with this meta it's hard to improve without suffering huge losses.

    That doesn't mean you can improve by practicing with these Killers, you will eventually get there, it's just not as easy as it used to be... Especially when a perk like Ruin isn't able to help newer players out anymore. If you struggle with gen pressure in-general, or just learning the basics of each new Killer, than you should try using perks like Corrupt Intervention and Pop goes the Weasel to slow the game down as much as possible. This combo is pretty strong AND helps stave off early gen-rushing from the farthest gens in any map.

    It's not a permanent fix to the issue, but it's an option for struggling Killers at this time. There are a lot of factors that determine how a match will go, these factors can range from maps and how they're designed, the gen spawns you get, The Killers power/mobility, and your skill vs the Survivor teams skill. Like take me for example, I use that combo because it's a strong combo for some of my Killers, but I don't use it ALL the time or for every Killer either! I use many different builds that're unique to my play-style and I've gotten used to how the meta is now.

    You just need to adapt to these changes and get used to each new possible change that might come into the meta. That doesn't mean I 4k every game and i'm a "god tier Killer", it just means I got used to how the meta is and moved on from it. For me it didn't take long (not bragging), but for others it might take more time. I still do alright for myself and/or great, but every Killer eventually faces a loss or two. I can't say I've never lost in this new meta, but it's always good to improve and move forward!

    As for SWFs or "coordinated teams", some teams are just naturally uber-optimized, so it's not an easy feat to face against a Survivor team that knows EVERY trick in the book. Killers rely on sizing up their opponents to guess what they're aware of or not. If they're new, they'll fall for more simple mind-games, if they're "pro" than they'll be harder to down DEPENDING on the Killer and your skill with said Killer. This is where a lot of M1 Killers falter, especially in bigger maps that spawn Generators far away. By the way, not every team is a 4 man god tier Survivor team, i'm just speaking about rare occurrences when this does happen. You'll naturally face a few good Survivors, but it's rare to have EVERY Survivor knowing what to do in every scenario.

    Anyways, while The Oni, Deathslinger, and Demogorgon MIGHT have an easier time at loops, they still suffer from a lot of "noob killer issues". Some Killers still need to charge their power like The Oni, The Demogorgon can't shred past every loop to hit someone, Deathslinger still needs to reload after every miss shot (while also being precise with their aim), and many other issues that other Killers face like Ghostface being a pure M1 Killer. You can only do so much with these Killers and the loops they face, but that doesn't mean all hope is lost. You have to be tactical and fast thinking in a chase, know when to break a chase that isn't working out, know when to go defend a Generator or apply more damage to a cluster of Survivors, etc etc.

    Not everything you do is pointless because of "map design" or "survivor skill", you just need to accept that not everything is a guaranteed win and KEEP improving as much as possible. Just know to do your best with what you're given, that's all anyone can really ask for. Also for the record, it's normal to lose a few Generators REALLY QUICKLY at the start, it's hard to defend like... 7-8 Generators on the map and only specific scenarios and/or Killers can make a 5 gen scenario last for more than a minute or two.

    Focus on protecting what you can and not just protecting EVERYTHING that's available. You of course can do the latter, but that's only when you know you'll be safe to do so. You'll know when the time is right for that though, it comes naturally over-time as you progress.


    I'll just skip to the main point i'm giving above, if you want you can read the mountain paragraph about what you can improve and such, but here's a run-down below.

    Just keep practicing and you'll get there one day. Not every game is a for sure loss or win, but it's important to know to give it your all, even when the situation isn't in your favor.

    Giving up is easy, the difficult part is learning and improving from those losses. I'm not saying you'll instantly get it, every players improves at their own pace, but even the worst situations can be turned around at a moments notice! That's the beauty of DBD, every game is really unpredictable. It's easy for me to just say "AdApT!", but it's really all there's to it. There isn't much you can do about the map designs you face, the Killers you use and their short-comings, the strongest teams that know all the tricks, etc. But that doesn't mean you should give up hope, it just means you should improve from that loss and learn what you could've done to aid in a better end result.

    Once you accept that not every game can be won, than you'll start to understand where to go from there. It's natural to lose a few Generators at the start, that's supposed to happen! As for the mid-late game Generators, you need to think tactically at every avenue and possibility when facing a Survivor team. Know what they might do before they do it, THINK like a Survivor.

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