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Brand new part needs to be reworked ASAP

Ever since Ruin was nerfed more and more survivors are bringing in Prove Thyself, and even more survivors are bringing in toolboxes. With the only effective gen regression perk being Pop Goes The Weasel, which requires a hook to be able to be used, gen speeds are worse now than ever.

BNP with a standard brown toolbox will get a gen to 50% nearly instantly, pair that with another survivor working on the generator with you and the generator is finished in 30 seconds.

I suggest the BNP add-on be reworked to serve some other function. I was fine with this add-on pre ruin nerf because of the nature of ruin, however now that ruin doesn't affect speed at all, its overkill.


  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 5,580

    BNP legit will be the most changed thing right after DS.

  • APoipleTurtleAPoipleTurtle Member Posts: 185

    Its all fine and good to request that the Brand New Part get reworked, but without sharing ideas of what you think it should become there's just as likely a chance it'll get reworked into something that you STILL don't want to play against.

    Personally, I would like for it to halve the charges of whichever toolbox it's added to and then tremendously increase its speed. Basically, you still get the tiny skillchecks and quick repair progress that the BNP is known for, but it uses up your toolbox to do so. Plus the amount it actually repairs will be based on the tools its attached to. Progress would only increase when hitting BNP skillchecks. Missing one of these would then explode the gen for NO loss of progress, but use up/deactivate your toolbox.

    -Slower toolboxes (or the high-capacity Commodius toolbox) would require survivors to succeed at more BNP skill checks to get the full effect. Faster toolboxes couldn't progress repairs as far, but would not need as many skill checks due to the high speed. Ideally the most that the BNP could ever repair at one time would be ~20% of a gen with the Commodious and Spool. Lesser/faster toolboxes would only reach about 10-15%.

    -Also, BNP skillchecks should ABSOLUTELY be affected by things such as Doc's Madness, Huntress Lullaby, and Unnerving Presence, even if these actually being relevant to it are unlikely.

    Skill with skillchecks becomes required to make anything of this add-on. Higher risk would be taken with the BNP's use for a similar reward. Trades efficiency for a significant speed increase.

    Alternatively though, they could always just make the BNP a full item that exists as the Red "Toolbox" (somewhat like how the Firecracker is the common equivalent of a Flashlight during events). They could even change its appearance to be that of the golden toolbox seen hidden on Haddonfield.

  • LetsPlayTogetherLetsPlayTogether Member Posts: 1,802

    I hardly see any survivors bringing in Prove Thyself nor BNPs. Youre exaggerating.

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 2,012

    Nnnnnot exactly... The charges are used up during the BNP usage (which in my opinion looks like a bug, because the BNP says it replaces the repair action) and it takes 5 seconds for the BNP to deplete. Leaving another about 5 seconds of the brown toolbox of usage. And the brown toolbox itself just saves like 4 seconds of total progress without any addons.

    I'm not saying this is weak, but 5 seconds isn't insta and 25% isn't 50%. And you cannot even save the BNP with Ace In The Hole

    If you want that to be removed, did you already think about removing Engineers toolbox as well? Not? Cuz 16 charges are so weak like everyone says? Combine it with double speed addons and you have a 20% progress in 6 seconds without relying on tremendously difficult skillchecks. They are designed now to give short speed bursts, which in my opinion should be used in difficult situations, not at the beginning of the match. Mostly they are wasted because most gens I can get to 80% at the beginning of a match I can finish anyway, so I would be happy if someone wastes them early and then gets 3gen'd.

    And since I don't see so many of them and the charges have been hardly reduced, I think it is OK to have an ultra rare addon that cannot be saved in any way that makes them worth a little bit.

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