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Stop stealing my totems!

des7indes7in Member Posts: 38

I've been using Inner Strength for about two weeks now and only managed to actually use it about three times. My teammates always seem to find totems before me and when I try to gesture them off it (even pointing at lockers) they just cleanse anyway. I will admit I'm super bad at finding totems on most maps but I'm sure I'm not the only one. Is there any way to find totems more reliably using skill/knowledge and not perks or maps?


  • LALYTHIALALYTHIA Member Posts: 1,657

    I tend to use Small Game to find totems. Never tried Detective's Hunch.

  • JPLongstreetJPLongstreet Member Posts: 177

    At least your team is runnin bones. Many times I've cleansed 3-4 myself, Inner Strength or no, just to see NOED still pop......

  • PainaPaina Member Posts: 81
    edited March 27

    I run small game all the time. I don't run across the map to find all totems instead of doing gens, but when I'm on my way to a gen and I get that audio notification you can be sure that I'm going to cleanse it. I know that it sucks when you run inner strength and there is no totem to find, but that's just bad luck. I also run WGLF, but I don't say "hey team mates, could you please stop unhooking, I run WGLF and don't get my stacks and please don't get chased on the other side of the map, because I might be late for my protection hits". Please know this is no offense, just saying that everyone runs a perk they can't use, because of different circumstances. A lot of things in dbd depend on something/someone. It's not that I don't understand where you're coming from though...

  • DollsDolls Member Posts: 397

    Switch off for small game, first. I ran that perk for months until I felt confident where totems were then switched to another perk. It was very useful!

  • OrionbashOrionbash Member Posts: 475

    In two weeks you've only been able to use it three times? Bullshit. I've been running Inner Strength since the day it came out and I'd say there's only been a handful of games I've managed to get no totems on and that's because the killer spawned right next to me and I had no time or something. Seems like you need to spend a little time in KYF and learn your totem spawn locations.

  • johnmwarnerjohnmwarner Member Posts: 3,199

    Yeah, the exaggeration seems strong in this one. I tend to cleanse one at the start near me and still find another before I’ve even used inner strength.

    With how many games NOED pops, and how many totems I see on my way to the gate it’s not likely OP is the one person who keeps getting teammates cleansing totems

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 10,127

    @DudeDelicious Hey look, it's the opposite of your discussion! 😜

  • des7indes7in Member Posts: 38

    It's not much of an exaggeration. I did say "about three", and I can still count the number of occasions on one hand. The number of times I've found already broken totems, though.. would need an abacus to count. Also, your post contributed nothing of value to the discussion but thanks for your two cents, I guess.

  • Chicagopimp2019Chicagopimp2019 Member Posts: 305

    With the number of killers I've come across who are running NOED, I wouldn't count on people not cleansing totems.....I cleanse every one I see now.

  • toxcitynacltoxcitynacl Member Posts: 464

    Bring Detective's Hunch at Tier III can see every totem within 64 meters once a gen is done. I run IS and detective's and I cleanse multiple totems every game. Unless you are swfs doubtful anyone will know what you are doing by gesturing.

  • Mattie_MayhemOGMattie_MayhemOG Member Posts: 93

    When running Inner Strength I always will ignore gens and look for a totem first. Small Game can certainly help but usually finding the first one is pretty easy, there are only so many spawn locations.

  • TWiXTTWiXT Member Posts: 1,020

    With the significant increase in NOED usage since the Ruin nerf, asking anyone to give up on totem cleansing because OP needs them to make their perk useful, is an asinine request.

    Leave totems alone so a teammate can get use out of Inner Strength? Or... Cleanse every totem we see because NOED exists?

    It's like OP is asking us to believe that they alone will cleanse all 5 totems before the end of the trial, or before they die during it. Meanwhile, from my own experience with IS, the most I have ever used it in 1 match is 3 times simply because that's how many times I got hit and escaped, or unhooked and wasn't healed by a teammate. That's only 3 totems cleansed on average out of the 5 possible NOED's on a map, and there were many times that none of my other teammates would spare 12 seconds of their time to "Do Bones", so we got "Boned" by NOED. Since NOED's increase in frequency however, survivors are sparing the time to cleanse totems more often, which is good as while it make IS less useful, it spares us from the embarrassment of getting owned in the endgame, and wastes one of the killers perk slots. If I go into a game and at least 2 survivors state that they are bringing in IS, then I feel that I can mostly rely on them to wipe out the totem population, but that also depends on how fast they go down in chases/how good a player they are, so if there are 2 gens left in this scenario and I see an uncleansed totem... I'ma take it out.

    As for OP's question, Totem spawns in maps, for the most part, become fairly predictable and knowing where they will likely pop up eventually becomes second nature if you actively keep an eye out for them. The only maps I have a problem finding totems in are Badham and Hawkins, but only because the devs got trickier at hiding them, and I'm still not used to the tiles that hide them best in those maps. Otherwise using a perk or a map is not necessarily a bad thing, Perks like detectives hunch and small game are very effective in helping you get usage out of IS, and in Detectives Hunch's case, can also give you plenty of info on how many totems are left on the map. Since Map Items are no longer lost when used up, they are a great item to bring in for revealing the totems to you as well, and are IMO, totally worth using when the end results in IS getting plenty of use, and a NOED free game. Aside from doing that however, "Practice makes perfect", just keep an eye out for the totems, make mental notes on where you've seen them spawn, and before you know it you'll become an expert totem hunter without the need of perks or maps due to how predictable the possible spawn locations become.

  • Gplays2000Gplays2000 Member Posts: 36

    Well then don't [BAD WORD] use the perk that's exactly the reason why I don't use it 😂 Problem solved right?

  • Stitch7833Stitch7833 Member Posts: 632

    my last game with you i didnt even get one totem nor did my friend so either you or the random got all 5 totems... cant blame people getting totems its good they do, not only that other people run inner strength as well and thats the gamble you take using it. i would advise learning the spawns, they arent too difficult tbh and tiles dont change much but dont expect totems because you have the perk gesture or not, first come first serve tbh.

  • GhosteGhoste Member Posts: 590

    When BHVR lets me see my teammates' perks, I'll be happy to leave the totems for you. Until then, I'm taking those 1k Bold points for myself! :D

  • IvaldiIvaldi Member Posts: 425

    Personally I prefer a map or DH.. since DH shows where gens are as well and I can go for a totem thats right next to a gen and a map can show the hatch if needed.

  • ElkElk Member Posts: 2,226

    Sorry me and Dull totems have this thing going on. I'm willing to share but we will see.

  • DudeDeliciousDudeDelicious Member Posts: 7,602


    ok I see the OP point. But the other side of this scenario is at least dull totems are being taken seriously by all on their team.

    There’s no point having a free locker heal if NOED still activates at endgame. So there’s that bright side.

  • johnmwarnerjohnmwarner Member Posts: 3,199

    I’m a solo survivor, and I’ve seen wayyyyyy too much NOED lately so I will cleanse every totem I see lit or not. If I’m in a chase or on my way to rescue someone and see a totem I’ll remember and be back soon.

  • VigilStrangeVigilStrange Member Posts: 57

    Those aren't your totems. I legit thought this was going to be a killer complaining about their hexed totems getting cleansed. You don't want to run extra perks or a map to find totems, then you just gotta use your eyes, and memorize locations. Other options for your healing issues is to use self care, bring a med kit, use bond to find your teammates and have them heal you, etc etc.

    Just because you are running a certain perk, doesn't mean they have to give you totems to use the perk. They could be running it as well! Who gets to claim the ownership of the totem then? Maybe the person who found it first? Crazy...

  • johnmwarnerjohnmwarner Member Posts: 3,199

    Seriously, if you want guaranteed heals bring a medkit or worst case selfcare

  • mil71mil71 Member Posts: 7

    Totems spawn in three different rings of the map usually there is one or two in the outer regions of the map spread out really far.

    They are the ones I go for.

  • Doddle28Doddle28 Member Posts: 1,491

    My guy what platform are you? If you're on pc just tell them before the game "Hi I have inner strength, if you could leave some totems for me that'd be great." or on ps4 you can message people beforehand I believe.

  • iBetClaudetteiBetClaudette Member Posts: 271

    Almost every game I've played had NOED. Very shocked you've encountered few available totems. I wish I played with your teammates

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