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So tired of being punished because of bad teammates & camping Killers

NikkiwhatNikkiwhat Member Posts: 1,127

Getting through these Survivor Challenges is agonizing when so many games end up with terrible teammates and camping Killers.... Ran a Killer for 2 whole Gens, get hooked...fine, that's a fair trade... But then two people run to unhook me when the Killer is right there. He sits right on top of me, chases away the Survivors who made zero attempts for an unhook...and immediately sits back at me...while everyone just leaves me to die.

It's just beyond agonizing that matchmaking has me paired up with Grey Ranks, when I'm in Purple Rank, that barely know how to play. With Killers that never leave the Hook and it's "Well, they can do that". Im tired of Camping Killers....that get rewarded for it at my expense, while my 15+ min queue time gets wasted so early on and I get zero chance to progress any of my challenges.


  • RemoveLegionRemoveLegion Member Posts: 169

    I can only speak from personal experience, however I unlocked all the challenges quickly after they were released so I think it will help.

    Just put it in the back of your mind. Don't take the challenge very seriously and play normally without thinking about it. Not only will they gradually unlock you may find yourself having more fun this way.

    Just my 2 cents

  • KwikwittedKwikwitted Member Posts: 609

    They don't get rewarded for it.

    Unless you count way less BP and pretty much an automatic de-pip as a reward, which I don't think most people do.

    What's weird is this is clearly the fault of the survivor teammates who played the unhooked situation in the dumbest way possible. No attempt at an unhook, doing it right in front of the killer, etc. But somehow you resort to blaming the killer? I'm a little confused.

    I agree, face camping bites a big one, but outside of coming to every killer player's house and giving them a spanking if they do it I don't know what else you expect them to actually do.

  • GhostwithafaceGhostwithaface Member Posts: 562

    Yeah it does sound like it might of been the team mates. With how eager they were for the save. Since they might of tip off the killer they were nearby. Making hanging around the hook a good idea or doing a loop around.

    Unless it was just stare at the person until they die. Like in this video. Which would be a different case. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWLf0ezuvNg

  • KwikwittedKwikwitted Member Posts: 609
    edited March 27

    What's funny about that video is a couple things.

    1. Not trying to "blame the victim" here, but if that Adam has decisive strike either of the times he gets downed, that's a four escape.
    2. That Bubba didn't even know how to face camp, I would've thought that wasn't a skill that required brainpower. Learn something everyday.

    But really this video shows exactly why face camping is such a bad strategy, they completed the generators easily, and really except for a minor mistake by the Adam trying to body block a hook he wasn't going to be able to reasonably stop, they should have gotten four escapes.

  • LALYTHIALALYTHIA Member Posts: 1,657
    edited March 27

    I feel you @Nikkiwhat. Killers camping and circling right back to the hook is infuriating when you just want to play the game. Its a rampant issue. Killer's don't want to hunt anymore. They will tell you that their hot camp and tunnel is justified because your teammate shouldnt have been seen off-hooking you, but it's hard not to be seen if the killer never leaves the hook to do anything else. Its frustrating for everyone. And regardless of what ppl say, they are rewarded for it. Because while they're camping and scaring off survivors trying to save - less gens are getting done. The likelihood they will get at least 2 kills this way is extremely high. If they simply spend the rest of the match pursuing the remaining survivors they will have 20k pts easy and likely a PIP. So you are right. There's nothing thwarting this behavior when you're playing with random survivors who are timid, uncoordinated, and not overtly altruistic/prepared to deal with toxic game play. A bad team almost feels worse than a bad killer and the compounded effect makes you want to pull your hair out...or at least play a different game. LOL You are right to feel this is undue "punishment" because there is no recourse. If a killer face camps you, there's nothing you personally can do to "gitgud" and save yourself on a hook. You just get to hang there, annoyed, with your game ruined and probably a depip. And that [BAD WORD] will probably PIP. This is toxic bullshit that has resulted in so many DCs. You are not alone in feeling this way. Gotta squad up these days or the game is just insufferable. 🤷

  • KwikwittedKwikwitted Member Posts: 609

    Objectively wrong, and can be disproved by the video linked in this very thread.

    Look, based on your assumptions, I'm going to assume you're a new player, so I'm going to try and be even handed about this, but a lot of what you are saying is just objectively incorrect.

    Camping, assuming the other survivors aren't potatoes, will result in generators getting done with no pressure from the killer, meaning the survivors can literally knock out three at once in 80 seconds total if they are smart. As the video in this thread shows, by the time Adam was even to his struggle phase they had most of the generators completed due to no pressure on generators by the killer.

    Second, I'm going to assume you've never played killer, spending the whole match camping one survivor to death and then even getting another kill is going to result in a paltry amount of BP, probably around 10k without enhancements, which is a pathetically low amount for killer who can get as much as 32k with a "perfect" game.

    And I can DEFINITELY assure you that they will not pip using this tactic, guaranteed. Killers have four emblem rating mechanisms. Gatekeeper, Devout, Malicious, and Chaser. A camper will have a bad score in all four because.

    Gatekeeper: Tracks how well you defended generators, except campers lose generators rapidly due to no pressure on the other survivors, leading to a bad emblem usually bronze or silver.

    Devout - Based on number of hook actions. A camper is only getting 1 hook action per survivor if they camp, leading to again, a bronze or maybe even a non-emblem in this category.

    Malicious - Based on number of survivor hits. If you are camping you aren't hitting anyone, another terrible emblem.

    Chaser - Based on ending chases. Again if you are camping you aren't getting into chases at all, another terrible emblem.

    I get the frustration of dealing with camping killers, really I do. But spreading blatant falsehoods just cause your salty just makes you look petulant and distracts from the main point.

  • LALYTHIALALYTHIA Member Posts: 1,657

    No, you are spreading blatant falsehoods, I have 1600+ hours in this game and have played killer and survivor.

    I am going to assume you have never played a random match of solo survivor - which is the scenario the OP is posting about. Three solo survivors with one on the hook will not pop three gens at once. It wont happen. SOMEONE is going to go for an off-hook. Without comms, probably more than one.

    Assuming only one person goes to attempt the off hook or assess the situation, that's half a team not on generators. So no, three people on three separate gens, working from the moment a person gets hooked, is not realistic and happens almost never in random matches. Not because there's anything wrong with them and their ability to play the game well, but because Altruism is a survivor objective, it's not always apparent someone is being camped until you get to them, and you don't always have an indication of who is going in for an off-hook in random groups - which are most common when playing solo.

    Even so, if the killer is camping their first hook and they aren't completely braindead, you probably still have a generator or two to go, depending on how quickly the killer hooked survivor 1...so the killer has ample time to find and chase down another survivor and lather, rinse, repeat. That's IF an altruistic survivor doesn't make a last ditch effort to save the poor hooked survivor before they die without really having an opportunity to play the game...which often happens to that person's own peril. Even if the off-hook is successful there's a number of risks that can equate to one or both players being downed (slugged and the off-hook tunneled, for example). This is called empathy. And while it may not be the most strategic play for yourself, personally, in this situation - it's the human choice and in line with survivor objectives.

    If the other two survivors have tried to off-hook either player and taken hits...chased around anything...etc., all of this equates to enough pts for a killer to hit 20k and PIP after the second death. Unless the killer is just a real potato and missed opportunities to increase pts whilst making sure his hook is "defended".

    I know exactly what Killer emblems are. They are the objectives killers routinely ignore to fulfill the only one they care about - Devout. Which is not based solely on hooks, it's also based on sacrifices, and kills. In this scenario, the killer would reach Silver, assuming they did nothing else after the second person died. But we all know someone bad enough to utilize this play style has NOED...and since all the remaining survivors had to hyper focus gens...that totem still exists. 🙄

    I literally live this terrible game play every day. You don't need to try and lecture me about how its petulant to completely empathize with someone who has had the same experience.

  • LALYTHIALALYTHIA Member Posts: 1,657

    PS: While I didn't watch your video because your comment was irrelevant to me, having one youtube video of someone having a different unique experience does not negate what happens the majority of the time, every day.

  • KwikwittedKwikwitted Member Posts: 609
    edited March 27

    Yeah your'e just angry and ranting so not worth my time.

    Also if you really "live" a terrible game, you should get a life


  • KwikwittedKwikwitted Member Posts: 609

    Huh, didn't know someone old enough to know that reference would be this ranty on a video game forum.

    Learn something new everyday.

    Having fun "living" this terrible game, which if true is really, really sad.

  • SurviveByDaylightSurviveByDaylight Member Posts: 653

    after my own experience with both sides I really have a hard time believing this game isn’t killer sided. Some just abuse their right to bait people on hooks and just tunnel the next survivor, some just don’t really give you a chase that seemed fair on your end. Lack of pallets and poor map design can make it really hard to play survivor. Also, from a solo standpoint, Certain killers have a lot that’s it’s quite deflating just continuing to play 🤷‍♂️ I’ve never seen DC rates so high on survivor side. Yeah SWF teams can get kinda sweaty but solo experience is the worst. Killers just run on my teammates constantly. That’s not balance especially if these devs keep hitting gen speed it might lead to an uninstall. They give killers A LOT more than they need 🤷‍♂️ I’ll stand by that until I see Change.

  • HuffHuff Member Posts: 1,096

    You're sitting here wasting time typing on a forum after telling somebody to get a life. Just saying.

    I've been dealing with the exact same stuff today, since I've been grinding out survivor challenges and I play almost exclusively solo. Had a Claudette come over to me, injured, while I was slugged (and hiding) at 95% recovery, tap me barely enough to give me 1-2% more, and then keep running with a Legion right on her tail. Obviously she goes down, and lucky for me, she had found time to ruin my hiding spot and get me hooked.

    So yea, having bad team mates and getting overly focused by the killer is pretty rough. The only thing I can really say is that if you're lower rank it gets really easy to pip, as long as you do very minimal things, like work a little on a generator, unhook maybe 1 or 2 people, and get chased a little by the killer. At that point, if you can manage to pip little by little you'll at least have to suffer through nooby team mates slightly less. There still are bad team mates at higher ranks but it's not practically everyone at that point.

  • KwikwittedKwikwitted Member Posts: 609

    I wasn't the one claiming I was "living" a video game. Maybe check what I was responding to next time.

    Also it might help you to try this thing called current events context there herp a derp, it's not like I can go to work right now thanks to our newest gift from across the ocean. "Wasting time" is about all I can do right now, not a whole lot else to do at the moment at 4:15 in the morning anyway, least of which for a guy who normally works third shift.

  • HuffHuff Member Posts: 1,096

    I never claimed that you claimed you were "living" a video game. Maybe check the contents of my comment next time.

    Also if there's not much to do right now other than wasting time, then it also just makes what you said before to the other person about "getting a life" seem even more asinine. I think my point is pretty clear.

  • KwikwittedKwikwitted Member Posts: 609


    Exact quote from LALYTHIA 

    "I literally live this terrible game play every day. "

    I was responding to that, exact statement which was so ridiculously melodramatic and nonsensical that the only rationale advice I could give someone who says something that detached from reality is "get a life".

    Does it make sense now?

  • HuffHuff Member Posts: 1,096
    edited March 27

    No. Because as you said before "Also it might help you to try this thing called current events context there herp a derp, it's not like I can go to work right now thanks to our newest gift from across the ocean."

    You are wasting your time just as much right now as what you're criticizing by sitting here and typing about pointless things.

    It's either not fine because they need to get a life or it's fine because there isn't much else to do right now. Either way the same would apply to you. Because you are also wasting time. And when I hear "get a life" over a game, it's typically because somebody plays too much.

    I don't think I can make you understand so I'll just cut this short, as I don't want to feed into spamming a thread with things that aren't related to it. Point is, just have some tact dude.

  • KwikwittedKwikwitted Member Posts: 609

    I'm aware that I'm wasting time on a video game forum, I'm not claiming I'm "living" it, that's the difference.

    Also, based on that statement, it doesn't sound like this person just started "living" this video game over the past two weeks, given her claims of thousands of hours played. You're trying to create a false equivalency. The difference is when I go back to work my time on these forums will most likely severely reduce and end, and I won't particularly care cause I"m perfectly aware it's just frivolous wasting time on a keyboard typing about a video game. Meanwhile LALYTHIA  is apparently still going to be "living" a video game where serial killers hunt people, which is a whole different can of worms.

  • elvangulleyelvangulley Member Posts: 569

    Since when are survivors entitled to free unhooks what do you want the killer to just wall to farthest coner of the map and count to 60 to let you unhook heal and work on gens give me a break

  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 1,911

    Well thats exactly what survivors have been wanting for years.

  • emptyCupsemptyCups Member Posts: 1,091

    You start at a campfire at the menu screen... survivors are the campers Lol and dont worry as killer I will stop each and every camper.

    If you dont wanna be on a hook you can try running away

    And if you dont wanna be killed in dead by daylight... you could... leave though the exit gates

    You only get one life you entitled bum. Your not suppose to be saved.

    And you can enjoy your 15min+ survivor que because playing killer is a service that you clearly dont respect. To have instant matchmaking you only need 1/5 of players to be killers. Noone wants to play killer because every time you survivors die you bitch about it and its exasperating.

  • BeardedragonBeardedragon Member Posts: 425


    and im tired of being punished by playing against SWFs. there should really be a seperate lobby for that. lets see how many killers want to do that.

  • BeHasUBeHasU Member Posts: 524

    Escaping it's on all of your team

    Ranking up it's just on you.

  • Reborn2020Reborn2020 Member Posts: 1,138
    edited March 27

    If killer camps you it doesnt mean you cant get saved unless its bubba or Doc. You cant say that your team was bad just because they lost.

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