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Give myers the same stalk ability as ghostface ie distance wise. and other tweaks.

Maelstrom10Maelstrom10 Member Posts: 1,600

Sure he may be able to hit tier 3 from miles away if this was done. but then survivors have a 32m terror radius or larger to know he's coming. im more interested in the fact that doing so might make him a lot better stalk wise.

Keep the distance modifier. anyone out of 32m should be stalked slowly. but make his distance infinite with the cap being at like 20% of full stalk rate from a max distance (lets say 40m.) Give him 100% stalk rate within 10-16m, and slowly lower it to 20% at 40+ m. it won't be always useful, and could sometimes be a detriment to him, but it would still be a good addition to his stalk ability. Could even have either the jewlery or speed stalk addons increase the distance that max stalk is lost at.

Also widen his stalk fov please. with dedicated servers, his stalk feels a bit wonky and i believe it to be strictly due to this. i mean why does looking lower whilst stalking somehow allow us to stalk them easier?

Oh and maybe side grade to vanity mirror? remove the slowdown? Not having tier 3 (the majority of his power.) is already debuff enough, and the pig has a similar addon that allows for sight through walls and is not locked out of using her power or slowed down (even if she can only use it in crouch, that is when she'd need it most though) Maybe make vanity mirror have no slowdown, but a decreased t1 stalk rate, so that its harder to get out of t1 to where its useful.

oh and the jewlery addons on him, that make him move faster whilst stalking... Make both of the highest versions make him walk at normal speed whilst using them, and stalking. him and ghostface both. there useless otherwise. Have him slowed down whilst there actually in his vision but still, allow us build diversity through chase-stalk myers/ghostface!


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