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Red Herring stays active

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Red Herring gets deactivated if the gen you are working on gets finished, but if you have it ready to go on a different generator than the last one to get powered, it stays active. It also stays active if the perk is ready to go on any generator and the end game collapse gets triggered by closing the hatch. You don't see the yellow aura of the generator in these scenarios, but can still create the noise notification.

  1. One more generator needs to be repaired, there are two to choose from, generator A and B.
  2. Work on generator A for three seconds to activate the perk
  3. Let someone else finish generator B

All gens done, perk is still active.


  1. Be the last one alive
  2. Work on any gen for three seconds to activate the perk
  3. Let the killer close the hatch

Gens are blocked, EGC begins, perk still active. You can switch the number 1 and 2, they don't have to be in said order in this one.

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