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Graphics Enhancement in Dead by Daylight

Indeed, in the game the graphics are not very good. Previously, it looked tolerant, but with patch 2.4.0, graphics downgrades went and the game now looks disgusting. I want to help the developers and advise what can be done with the game in terms of graphics.

1: add detailed graphics settings (separate shadow settings, turning on new hair physics or turning it off in case of a weak computer, improving the quality of textures and the like).

2: add a free DLC with mega-beautiful textures and more beautiful graphics (this is already practiced in Ubisoft games like Rainbow Six Siege, The Division, Watch Dogs 2, etc.).

It is also worth changing some things in the schedule, I’ll talk about them
1: it is worth adding other global lighting algorithms such as HBAO +, HDAO, VXAO, SSBC (Ubisoft algorithm).

2: add Nvidia Hairworks hair technology

3: change the shadows in the game. You can make clear but sharp shadows and soft shadows. Make it all in a separate graphics setting (about soft shadows: either redo the shadows, or add algorithms like Nvidia PCSS and AMD CHS).

4: smoothing. TXAA smooths the picture well, but it takes up a bunch of FPS and extremely makes the picture fuzzy. You need to change the smoothing algorithm and add a separate setting with the choice of the smoothing method. There are many methods, but here are the options: FXAA, MSAA, TAA, SSAA, SMAA, TSAA.

By the way, many special effects deteriorate when TXAA is turned on. If you turn it off in the game through the game’s files, the picture becomes much sharper and many special effects become better (for example, the generator’s explosion has a bloom effect and a glow. It used to be, but the developers password protected it all because of the moronic TXAA)

In general, a bunch of ideas to improve the graphics in the game. I hope Matthew himself will read this post and change the graphon in the game. Well, or at least tell people from the top, they say, it's time to change the schedule for the better.


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