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[NA] [PC] ~Looking For People to Play With, Regardless of Skill Level~

BrenononBrenonon Member Posts: 21

I am a PS4 player with 400 - 600 hours that recently switched to PC. I'm a killer main, though I can play survivor pretty well (despite lacking perks.) I can voice com through discord if you'l like (Brenon#7930), though I'm only 13 and my voice can be a little lispy at times. I'd consider myself an exceptional killer, and a decent survivor. Go ahead and friend me through Discord if you'd like to play, or on Steam (my friend code is 1002555953).

Hope to see you in the fog! :D


  • HealsofloveHealsoflove Member Posts: 19

    LF friends to play with (super chill)

    Steam friend code: 119407179

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