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Ya know im happy with the update but (genrush)

ZoneDymoZoneDymo Member Posts: 1,946
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Im sure this has been mentioned before but

This harsher penalty of working on a gen with multiple survivors is a good thing, its subtle as most of these updates SHOULD BE (im looking at you, my fallen fav killer Freddy) and might just do enough in certain situations to not be too frustrating for either side.

Though (mentioning that abomination again) forever freddy will have a field day with this soo....yay.

The point of this thread though, regardless of this adjustment, the optimal way of gen rushing was always 3 people on 3 different gens while 1 person is looping the killer, this wont help with that scenario.

Its obvious, but yeah just wanted to see what people think regarding that.

again this will work in a good way in certain scenarios and we have to see its impact before going further/too far but yeah, idk, a friend of mine never wants to be on a gen with me, even when I have Prove Thyself because its just better to be on different gens unless its the last one needed doing.


  • Aura_babyyAura_babyy Member Posts: 581

    Forever freddy was always strong from the moment it was conceived and even post nerfs.

    I do however believe Prove Thyself will counteract this build or at least negate It for most of the game. So... hooray for premade?

    Idk. I usually play solo or 2 man swf. I am most excited for this change because it means the whiny killers that couldn't see past the Hex Ruin nerfs are coming back ( or just more ppl playing killer). Shorter survivor queues are truly a dream come true.

  • ZoneDymoZoneDymo Member Posts: 1,946
    edited April 7

    The thing with your last week scenario is just a problem with how...idk fake? bhvr is regarding extra items and add ons and offerings, they just skew the game, and they are intended to do this.

    It is meant to mess up the balance, it is meant to give the user an (unfair) advantage and that is fine for A match but these "very rare" or "ultra rare" items are actually super damn common, that is the problem.

    (infact I dont want to go on a rant here but its pretty rediculous how twofaced this game is regarding this own identity as competative or casuel, if its casual then why for example cant we have a 21:9 aspect ratio for monitors? if its competative then why allow for these extra things that skew matches so much? ANYWAY)

    Your scenario is the survivors equivalent of a Ebony Mori, personally I dont mind these too much, I just as survivor run to the killer and let myself die asap so I can move on to a game that is actually...ya know...a game, a bit more fair and balanced and thus fun and rewarding.

    As killer in your case I would probably just sit in the basement and wait for them all to leave while watching a video, clearly they dont actually want to play a match so why put in the effort from your side? idk thats just my view on these things.

    But to speak to your first claim, ok yes I get a gen could be done before the killer could get to the other side of the map, yes, but the killer now finds a bunch of survivors in 1 spot which could be dangerous if the killer is good.

    The optimal gen rush strat of 4 survivors on 4 different gens with the killer finding one and chasing one will result much quicker in suddenly 2 or 3 gens popping which is a far worse case scenario for the killer, the killer is just 1 player, they cant be everywhere and chase everyone at the same time so yeah that is kinda the point of this thread.

    Again I dont mean to say we need to adjust anything there because I feel we need to see how the current changes affect teh game, but its just something on my mind.

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