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JAKE PARK "Woodpecker" Skinconcept 2020

I'm a Jake-Main and i rly wanna have something for him to show his backgroundstory a little bit more. Me likes him cuz we are pretty similar.

He is independent in his own way and noone will be able to put pressure on him. He will find his own way! Like everytime!

=====================================================ADDED PART:

====================================================EDIT 03:

__OUTFIT -Hidden one-__

As part of the forrest a woodpecker is on of the most wellknown birds between the earth, trees and the sun. Wellhidden between the green leafes his call is wild and natural.

__HEAD -Woodpecker's crown-__

Natures best and wellknown colour. The colour of life and death... a neverending circle.

__TORSO -Woodpecker's wings-__

Freedom lies between earth and sky. Oh why... why i cant fly.

__LEGS -Bird without wings-__

If u cant fly... RUN!

U want a proof that this is my work? I can give u in my next stream. Much luv!

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