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"Here are some perks that we plan to hit soon"

KsoniKsoni Member Posts: 607

I thought it was a meme, but soon really means half a year.

These were words, from one of dbd team said on January 23. We haven't got any perk rework from this list in 3.6.0 (Deathslinger DLC), and in 3.7.0 (PTB) either.

It means that (maybe) we will get part of these perks in next 2 months, and the other part in next 3-4 months (Peanits confirmed that they won't come out all in once, it will be spread out throught next chapters).

I understeand that this chapter was big and you guys did a lot of great changes, but at least don't give us false hope that these perks that you mentioned will be updated soon. I feel really disappointed now, because some people like me care about perks a lot, because they bring lots of variety into the game.


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