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Silent Son: Trapper Skin (AnnaKitsun3)

AnnaKitsun3AnnaKitsun3 Member Posts: 14

Silent Son: skin for The Trapper, Evan MacMilan

Lore based skin, While Evan Idolized his father he also couldn't voice anything nor show weakness lest he have his jaw broken. Best thing to do is nod your head and do as he says like a good son.

Showing the duality of The trapper and Evan.

Weapon is a broken pickaxe and a rail road spike

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  • Mr_MadnessMr_Madness Member Posts: 216

    I really like this since it actually gives trapper some sleeves once and the mask looks like the father was pushing him away before he finally kicked the bucket.

  • Tingly4TrapperTingly4Trapper Member Posts: 53

    i love it!

  • ZeroAwooZeroAwoo Member Posts: 10

    I love this, it's something new!

  • itsmyghostitsmyghost Member Posts: 216

    Nicest skin I've seen for Trapper so far <3

  • Bagginses420Bagginses420 Member Posts: 79

    What?? I like the idea of this outfit, but Mr. MacMillan would never let his son wear such tight slacks...

  • TheBoostedRookieTheBoostedRookie Member Posts: 28

    Possibly one of my favorite Trapper submissions I've seen!

  • loeuphorialoeuphoria Member Posts: 39

    I like it. His booty looks nice too :)

  • kawaiikannibalkawaiikannibal Member Posts: 74

    That would be terrifying to see trying to kill people ...

  • HuntressNeaHuntressNea Member Posts: 6

    I honestly adore the design, the colors compliment each other as well as being a nice simple design showing the in between Killer and son, It shows that it would be a metamorphosis between a son trying to follow his father into a murdering machine taken by a beast and hunting for sport!

  • AnnaKitsun3AnnaKitsun3 Member Posts: 14

    Aaa thank you all!

  • VentiStarVentiStar Member Posts: 31

    Love love this!

  • Hunter97Hunter97 Member Posts: 36

    Very well done. Id actually really like to have this as a cosmetic

  • JaneisbeaJaneisbea Member Posts: 5

    Hot hot hot🔥

  • AnnaKitsun3AnnaKitsun3 Member Posts: 14

    Thank you!

    and yeah Seeming someone seemingly normal looking coming at me with a dangerous intent is spooky to me!

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