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Will the dbd team ever update the very first cosmetics?,....if they would even respond

This is a very small thing, it's a thing I've wondered for a long time now.

Will the old cosmetics get updated in visuals along with anatomy? for visuals I'd just like to see an overhaul to make them up to date with the current standard, the one I'd like to dee the most though is Jake's default outfit match the opening cinematic, with the flowy scarf and cotten like jacket that moved organically, same with the pants.

I know it doesn't reaaly matter right now but i think it would be a nice overall change. here is a picture sorta showing what i mean

also just update the faces a bit, that's part of the anatomy thing make them look more like these, these look like real people and can show emotion....something needed in dbd.

but anyways that's just a thing that would be cool updated, i hope someone actually reads this. thank you for reading if you did

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