The Entity's domain

King_CheckmateKing_Checkmate Member Posts: 60

If its the Entity's domain, and the entity wants dead survivors...
Then why is there a secret escape hatch for survs to easily escape?


Then it says "the entity is displeased".



  • Wolff_BringerWolff_Bringer Member Posts: 73

    Because the entity feeds on hope. The last hope of a survivor is the hatch. You, as a killer, should stop the survivor from getting the hatch, so he is displeased about you.

  • DocOctoberDocOctober Member Posts: 1,209

    Read up on the lore a bit more

  • Aari_Piggy66Aari_Piggy66 Member Posts: 738
    It's where there are exit gates and a chance to escape in the first place.

    If someone's in a situation where they know they're going to die and there's no way they could avoid it. You'll find they lose hope almost immediately literally what's the point you can't live you might as well just accept it.

    For something that feeds up hope that's essentially the worst thing that can happen so it just simply incorporates the dangling carrot effect. If you do all the generators then open the doors or jump through hatch, you can escape of course that's when the dangling carrot gets yanked up and you return back to the campfire.

    However it's enough to sustain hope within people sometimes surviving and not dying is just enough for these guys because I doubt The Entity feeding on you is a very pleasant process.
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