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Bring Mori but don't use it

tippy2k2tippy2k2 Member Posts: 2,218

I have a weird little practice and I'm curious if I'm the only one or if others do it (or if you don't do it and see what I say, maybe you'll want to :D)

I have a habit of watching the lobby for the telltale signs of the SWAT SWF (you know, the foursome who run with the discipline and talent of a SWAT Team). A bunch of items, similar names, similar characters used, entered the lobby at the exact same time; that kind of thing.

What I have started to do if I suspect it is a SWAT SWF is that I will bring Ebony Mori BUT I will not use it until I confirm that this is indeed a SWAT SWF (or I suppose if they're super unlucky, four really really really really talented Solo players :D) and only then will I actually use Mori.

So far I have done this four times where I brought Mori. Two of the times, I never even used the Mori as it was just a normal rag-tag group of survivors and twice I used it because it turned out to be a SWAT SWF Team.

Just curious if others do this. If not, will you now that I planted the idea in your brain? Or do you say there is no honor in killin and you'll just use Mori whenever you want :D


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