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Should survivor names and profiles not be hidden as well?

ZoneDymoZoneDymo Member Posts: 1,946
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It just makes sense to me, for nobody to know who they are playing with/against until the end screen.

Just the same treatment for all really.

This is an old topic of debate I know, I know killers like to know if they are facing SWF even though I personally never check for that, but this kinda came back to me because recently I was doing some killer matches and was streaming that to some friends in Discord.

In a lobby there was a survivor who was also a streamer and my friends (who played this game a lot longer then I have) knew this person and adviced me to dodge that match as that survivor is both good and pretty toxic about it (and apperenly hypocritical in that regard but whatever).

So I dodged.

But should that even be a thing? Im sure many survivors would also dodge if they knew the killer was some known toxic cheapo campy killer but they cant because they cant see that.

So yeah I just want some equality, either show everything to everyone, which I would advice against.

Or show nothing to nobody, which I am in favor off because I feel that is part of the game, the not knowing, (heck imo the entire offering screen should be removed as well)


  • oxygenoxygen Member Posts: 1,875

    I'd imagine if there was another way to see if there was SWF people wouldn't mind profiled being hidden. I personally don't care even about that but a lot of people do.

    Yes, some people go further than that and try to figure out if someone's going to be "too good" from their profiles or make cringy out-of-match rivalries (having eachother on "mori lists" and "bm lists") but I'd imagine the vast majority of people mostly care about the SWF thing. Even though that's not even reliable as it's way more common than it used to to have an entirely or partially private profile for all sorts of people.

  • CheersCheers Member Posts: 3,426

    Although I'd love if you could check for their name, some people would start to right down who plays what.

    For example, they might right down 'CheersTC plays Hillbilly' and then that person sees my name and uses an anti Hillbilly build.

    Maybe it should hide names for survivors instead?

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