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Don't play deathgarden

guest602guest602 Member Posts: 147

If you want to play runner, just don't. This game is extremely unbalanced: it's like if there was only 2 killers: Nurse and Billy, and that they had a built-in hope devour.
I've been playing 5 hours, and I survived 3 times.
If the hunter is good, then we can be as good as we want, we will still lose in 3 seconds.


  • Tombstone218Tombstone218 Member Posts: 172

    This is the Dead by Daylight forums you dip. While you're here would you like to talk about GTA5 too? Minecraft maybe? Since those are just as related.

  • MojoTheFabulousMojoTheFabulous Member Posts: 1,134

    5 hours certainly isn't enough to judge the balance of a game like that. Especially when most players are relatively new. Meaning they don't yet know the optimal way to play.

    DbD was exactly the same. Back at release the Wraith was considered to be overpowered by many people.

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