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Kate was happy to play for the entire school on prom night. With a recent break up she needed something uplifting in her life. Wearing her best dress and designer boots, she was ready to take on anything the world threw her way. Getting on stage she fixed her guitar on to her lap while taking a deep breath. Before she could hit the first chord a prank had unfolded. Tears overflowed when she ran out the doors. Taking sanctuary on the front steps.

Little did she know the night was going to get much more worse...


My idea was loose at first until I started a poll on Reddit. Looking at the results and comments, I noted a few things.

A laced dress, short and classy. Cowgirl boots that girls at my old school would have loved to get there hands on. A jacket to comfort her afterwards and her guitar strung on her back. Disheveled from a crazed killer; cut and bruised, She wont go down without a fight.

I really wanted a goth Kate or normal "chill at home" outfit, but that's for BHVR to make and this contest is for creativity to roam.

I hope you guys enjoy the concept I bring to the table~!

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