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The Butcher

The Butcher (HillBilly)

Max always loved chopping and tenderizing meat. Who knew he could wear it too!

Top cosmetic piece: A bloody shirt and Max's brand new face compliment each other nicely.

Bottom cosmetic piece: A bloody apron with a face chain (chain of faces?)

Weapon: A trusty pig spliter, perfect for chopping up meat. (I've also included other designs of cleavers, as well as a meat tenderizer.)


  • ThePoltergeist714ThePoltergeist714 Member Posts: 31

    Outstanding move lol....better than my design. Good luck partneršŸ‘

  • RigbetaRigbeta Member Posts: 54

    I like the fact that he's similar to his roots (Leatherface)

    Plus it's nice seeing one of the original three getting attention besides the Wraith!

  • TheRealHansGruberTheRealHansGruber Member Posts: 204

    I originally wanted to call the skin "the Fan" but i thought that might be to close to LF's license :)

  • RigbetaRigbeta Member Posts: 54

    I think you've made a good choice in maintaining the reference while keeping it within the range of Hillbilly's likeness. Excellent job!

  • Seiko300Seiko300 Member Posts: 1,365

    This has gotta be one of the most outstanding ideas that really maintain the theme and horror of Dead By Daylight. Too many cosmetics for this contest are random people just drawing characters the way they want to with Anime style clothes, wearing a full medieval outfit, or some other wacko design that makes no sense and with absolutely no thought to the characters themselves or the game they inhabit.

    DBD is a horror game and I'd personally like to see more ideas from the community that reflect that, like this one. Big thumbs up for maintaining the integrity of Dead By Daylight! This one has honestly gotta be one of the most terrifying things I've ever seen...

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