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The Shadow of London Chapter 🔪 Jack The Ripper and FBI Agent🔪 The Shadow and Robert Jameson

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The main idea of this is to make Jack The Ripper a Killer in Dead by Daylight but not using him.

It's simple since it just has to have the lore/history changed which I did here for almost 2 months.

The lore is all made by me and names were picked out by looking at Victorian first and last names during that time which were common then pick a first name and last name until it sounds like a real person. So the people in the lore are fake and the last name Corvus is Latin for Raven.

This is completely different from the other requests of Jack since I already did almost everything which includes the power, the look, descriptions, some add ons, the art, and 1 perk which was The Shadow's curse which was made by me but the rest were made by the community from a forum I made about asking for ideas for killer perks. I changed the perks some so it fits Victor aka The Shadow.

So hopefully the Mods and Devs will read this and consider putting this unique alternate version of Jack the Ripper in Dead by Daylight and if the community is reading this then let me know in the comments if there is something I can add, improve, or change so they can see that The Shadow is a great killer.

And Extra thanks to TheMythicalCat for making the darkness power possible with their brilliant thinking.

Right here is where the concept of Jack the Ripper was made.

Here is where I asked the community for help with killer perk ideas

Which I made some changes to the perks that I thought were perfect or our killer. Added more than 3 so devs can look and choose wisely on which perk they think will be perfect for Victor.

Again many thanks for the community for helping me with the perks.


Yes all the art posted here is made by me


Victor Corvus was born in 1860 and was raised by his Grandpa Chester throughout his life in the antique store that he owned since he was 40. He taught Victor everything educational that he needed to learn throughout his life because the schools around were too expensive for Victor to enter on a budget that an antique store makes. Chester always had a variety of antiques in the shop which some older than Chester like jade dragon statues from China. Since Victor was always surrounded by antiques and relics he has always questioned their origin even if Chester could not provide the answer. One day Victor was going through a box of junk and found an antique knife on the bottom. Once he grabbed the blade he started to hear whispers coming from the blade. A bit shooked Victor decided to take the blade to Chester to see if he knew anything about this odd blade.

When Victor told he found a knife that kept whispering to him Chester laughed and told Victor it was just his imaginations. Victor then asked Chester if he could at least look at the blade and tell him the origins of it. Chester agreed to Victor's request. Victor shows Chester the odd-looking knife which Chester then picks up the knife and stares blankly at it. It seemed like hours that Chester was staring at the knife until Victor asked again about the Knife's origins. Chester shook out of the trance and told Victor it was just one of the many antique weapons they kept which were nothing special. Chester took the knife up to the attic out of the view of Victor. Chester then placed the knife inside of an engraved black box and locked it with a key then hid the box somewhere in the attic. When Victor got older Chester taught him how to self-defense with the many kinds of antique weaponry that they kept in the shop when he got older but also taught him how to properly sneak around to avoid the dangers around London. As Victor grew each day Chester made sure to keep teaching him the knowledge of the past so he can have a better future than him.

In 1885 Grandpa Chester passed away leaving Victor the antique shop and everything he ever owned. Chester always had a variety of antiques in the shop which some older than Chester like jade dragon statues from China. Chester also left Victor a Mahogany box that contained a tailored top hat and tailored coat that was placed inside the storage room of the antique store. Chester knew that Victor always likes to be a gentleman so he tailored the hat and coat as a goodbye present because he knew that he did not have much left in life. After trying the coat and top hat he decided to check the attic to see if there was anything he can put up for sale in the shop. He took off the hat and coat but something fell out of the coat pocket. Victor picked up the small item which turned out to be an old key made of Damascus metal. Victor put the key in his pocket and went into one of the rooms in the shop than pulled down a ladder so he can climb up to the attic. Checking the attic for a couple of hours he did not find anything worth of value except the mementos and trinkets that Chester kept there which he planned to keep as a memory. As Victor was leaving the attic he tripped on a wooden plank and fell. Victor got up then noticed the plank was loose and could be easily pulled off. Victor got on to the floor and pulled off the loose plank to see a small space to hide away something. He sees a glint coming off something in the darkness below. Victor reached into the darkness and pulled out a black engraved box which appears to be locked. Victor uses the key he found earlier to see if it can open the box. The box made a small click noise as the key turned.

Victor opened the engraved box to see it was the same antique knife he always asked about when he was little. Victor picked up the knife and decided to test how sharp it was. Victor taps the tip of the blade and cuts his finger. He drops the knife onto the floor, the blade glows all of a sudden as it absorbs the blood Victor dropped on it but slowly fades away once the blood was absorbed. Victor picks up the blade again and quickly puts the blade back into the box before anything else weird happens. The business was slow around the antique though he still made a profit from the people who come in to buy some antiques or relics. Everything was going well until late at night someone broke into Victor's shop and vandalized the place while stealing all the cash in the register. Victor went to the head of police William Thompson to report the crime but he just responded to Victor can't do anything due to no witnesses and they have more important stuff to do then looking for someone who broke into a store full of dusty relics.

Victor went back to the shop to clean up the place and while cleaning he found something that caught his eye which was laying in the shards of broken glass by the window. A shiny silver badge with a name engraved on it that reads Edwin Jones. That badge was proof that one of the cops broke into his shop to steal the cash and antiques he stored there. Victor again went to the police station but with the proof, he needed to arrest the crooked cop. Victor went in and started shouting that he wanted to see William Thompson immediately. William Thompson walked out of the office and asked Victor why is he shouting and demanding to see him. Victor told William that he has evidence that someone on the police force broke into his shop then proceeded to rob the place. William laughed and told him what kind of evidence do you have to prove that one of our good cops did that? Victor pulls out the silver badge and shows William which causes him to freeze.

William grabs the badge and tells him someone stole Edwin's badge when he was jumped during his daily patrol and the thug probably dropped it during the robbery or placed there to frame the policeman. William assures that there is no worry and his case will be solved in time. Before Victor left the station William stopped him to tell him not to tell the press about the badge since it will cause rumors to arise. Victor left the police station angered by the police by the obvious proof that Edwin broke into his shop. The next day Victor found Edwin patrolling the area next to his shop. He decided to follow Edwin while hiding in the alleys to avoid alarming Edwin. Finally, after Edwin's patrol, he headed home which Victor followed him. As Edwin entered Victor hid by the bushes next to the front windows of the house. Victor peered inside and saw a jade dragon statue sitting on top of the fireplace. It was the same antique stolen from his shop followed by a stack of cash on the coffee table.

Victor now angered by this terrible cop's actions and the idiotic police station he decided it was time for them to pay for Edwin to pay for his actions.....with his blood.

Victor came back to the shop to prepare for that night to take vengeance against Edwin for what he did to his home. Victor put on his top hat and coat that Chester made him and went to grab one of the weapons out of the glass case but stopped. Victor remembered the knife he found in the attic. He went back up to the attic and as soon as he grabbed the knife he felt some kind of dark power seeping out of the knife. Victor never felt this before in his life and a sane person would just drop the knife and not commit to what he is about to do, but he is not sane anymore because in this mad world only the mad are sane. Victor puts the knife in his coat pocket and leaves the shop.

It was dark on that unforgettable night as if the shadows from the abyss were leaping out of every corner of London.

Victor reached the house of Edwin Jones and knocked at the door. Edwin opened the door to see no one was there. Edwin shut the door and turned around to see Victor right in front of him. Before Edwin could react Victor lunged at him with his knife in hand. Victor jabbed the knife into Edwin's shoulder pinning him to the wall. As Edwin was begging for mercy the knife was giving some sort of dark energy as if Edwin's blood was giving it power. Edwin begged once more for his life but as he looked into Victor's eyes it felt like if the fire's of hell was staring right back at him. The only thing Victor said to Edwin was "Time to pay the blood price for your actions". Before Edwin could scream Victor pulled out the knife out of his shoulder and stabbed him in the heart. As Edwin Jones's body hits the floor his face is still frozen in fear. When Victor was about to leave he noticed a letter by the door that was signed by William Thompson. Victor opened the letter to reveal that William Thompson knew that Edwin broke into his shop to robbed the place and was trying to cover his tracks so the police force won't look corrupted.

Victor decided that the police were too corrupted and need to be dealt with....permanently.

It's 1888 in London and police force had their follow comrades brutally murdered for the past 3 years. Good and bad cops alike were murdered and recently William Thompson the head of police was found brutally stabbed in his own home. The police are now after a valuable suspect after finding gruesome evidence in an antique store which he has been living in for his entire life and evidence showing he was involved with a murdered cop named Edwin Jones 3 years before the police station suffered police casualties. People now call him The Shadow

It's late at night in London and the cops are now catching up to Victor. The Police are at every corner of London streets trying to catch Victor before he can kill any more cops. Victor now hiding in one of the unchecked ally ways with the cursed knife he used to kill William Thompson that is drenched in his blood. As the cops close in Victor knows he will be executed for his crimes but he will not go down without a fight. Just then strange fog starts to surround Victor. Victor then feels something watching him beyond the fog. The shadows around him start to crawl closer to Victor. The shadows leap on to Victor's face but there was no pain but a familiar dark feeling he had felt long ago from the knife when he made his first kill. The shadows have now given Victor somewhat of a new face but not a human face but something a demon of the shadows would wear. The Fog starts to swirl around Victor faster and faster until everything becomes a blur then suddenly.....he is standing in the middle of the street.

Victor sees Edwin Jones and William Thompson smiling at him in the distance. Both of them laughing at him. Edwin breaking into his Grandpa's shop which was his home then robbing the place and William covering it up because he did not want anybody to know that a crooked cop decided to break the law and wanted the police to maintain the justice appearance which was all fake. He sees the people who got in his way and the people who tried to track him down but met an untimely end. All of them starting him down like he was the one who started all of this and not the cops. They all ruined his life and wanted nothing except to see him suffer. Victor begins to see the hooks that are hanging all over. The ancient hooks.....relics of the past. Victor can find some great use with them for his next victims.

Victor walks down the street with his new face and his cursed knife in hand.

No one knows what happened to the killer of London or found out who he truly is. The house of the suspect was burned down and all that was retrieved was a jade dragon statue that somehow survived the fire. Even now no one truly knows who was behind all those killings. There are many rumors but only one fact remains.....He is still out there.

Power: The Blade of Shadows

Stalking [note] Might be taken down in replace of shadow demons

  1. The Shadow's power is similar to other killers like The Ghostface and Myers but aimed to be a true stalker killer. The Heartbeat is hidden when his power is in use.
  2. Unlike The Ghostface survivors can't look at him to kick him out unless you drop a pallet on him to stun him, he misses/hits his attack on a survivor or shining a flashlight on him for a bit to knock him out of his power.
  3. Once The Shadow stalks the survivor unlike The Ghostface and Myers he will able to see the survivor's aura. The survivor is not notified of this so it can provide The Shadow with a silent attack.
  4. If The Shadow hits the survivor that has been stalked then they will get the Hemorrhage and Broken.
  5. Once in the chase, his power slowly refills and gets faster during the chase but refill meter returns to normal once chase ends.
  6. When the survivor escapes then Hemorrhage is replaced with deep wound status but they are still Broken.
  7. The status change only happens if the survivor escapes and a chase does not happen for 10 seconds.
  8. Now they are Broken with deep wound status.
  9. The Broken status stays for 40 seconds and can be longer with addons but once its over they are still injured.
  10. If someone does a protection hit then the protector will get have their aura shown for 15 seconds and The Shadow's red stain will be hidden and once hit they will have Hemorrhage and Broken just like if the survivor was stalked.
  11. The Shadow has some of the same mechanics as Ghost face with the leaning and crouching but without the exposed status and because of this stalking is slightly faster and does not give a warning to survivors.
  12. Aura read does not stay after first hit but if they are stalked again then the aura read can be used yet again but if they are injured they will hear a loud sound effect which preferably clip of Gothic music.

WIP NEW POWER TO REPLACE STALKING but not Blade of Darkness.

Shadow demons

  1. The shadow does no damage but if the shadow charges and runs into a survivor the shadow will disappear and their aura is shown for 10 seconds and gives an alert to the killer.
  2. Shadows always attack the survivor who is not in the darkness but if somehow a survivor trapped in darkness body blocks then the aura of the survivor is shown and will have a status effect.
  3. if a survivor rescues or completely heals a survivor trapped in the darkness then they trap themselves in the darkness but it does not give a token
  4. The shadow creatures do not automatically run at the nearest survivor but only when the shadow creature has a clear view of the survivor and the only way to escape is to try to make the creature run into an object to kill itself.
  5. The maximum of shadow creatures that can be summoned is 3 with a 15-second cooldown each and 3 creatures can exist at the same time.
  6. Shadows appear next to the killer once summoned but vanish or melt into the ground and appear somewhere else on the map.
  7. Shadows can trap survivors in the darkness even though they can not give a token they can be used in some strategies against survivors.
  8. Shadows can be buffed with addons to make a healthy survivor injured or have status effects.


  • When The Shadow is in power and hits a Survivor they will get deep wound status.
  • Normal hits and in power hits put the Survivor in the darkness.
How the darkness works
  1. With each hit either when power is active or not the survivor is now cast into the darkness.
  2. Every hit will give The Shadow a token towards the Darkness
  3. The map is slightly dark and the survivor's field of view that is farther than 5 meters away is the darkness.
  4. 1 token represents 10% Darkness then so on until it's 100%
  5. The only way for the survivor to free themselves from the darkness is to find any of the oil lanterns that have been scattered across the map and light it.
  6. This only works for the survivor who is lighting the lantern but the survivor can take away 1 token with a cost
  7. If the survivor chooses to take a token they will have their aura revealed and lighting the lantern takes longer.
  8. The only way to lighten the map back up for the survivor is to find one of the unlit oil lanterns around the map and light them but of course, it only works for the survivor who lights it.
  9. Inside the darkness, the only way to see The Shadow better in the darkness is to look for his red glowing eyes which appears if he is looking in the direction of the survivor.
  10. Survivors are not affected by the darkness during a chase but the darkness returns once the chase is over.
  11. The survivor in the darkness will have a swirling black mist around them which can be seen by survivors and the killer so it's easy to know who is trapped in the darkness.
  12. Time to time inside the darkness a fake Shadow will be seen walking around but will disappear when out of survivor's view.
  13. If token power reaches 100% then you will able to use a special mori to 1 survivor trapped in the darkness.


  • If a Flashlight is used on him when he is in his power then he will be stunned and kicked off but the stun effect is cut in half if they just shined the light on him instead of blinding him
  • Anything that stuns him will kick him out of power.
  • Taking his tokens away makes the darkness less powerful.
  • Lighting the oil lanterns will free the survivor but attempting to take a token will put the survivor in danger.
  • There will be only one active oil lantern for a survivor trapped in the darkness but the killer is unable to see it unless the survivor attempts to take a token away.

Power explained

  • The Shadow demons are used like patrolmen and will has a routine but will abandon the routine if a sound notification is active which will cause the shadow demon run to the sound.
  • The Shadow Demons can follow scratch marks but will abandon the survivor if scratch marks are gone, ran into a obstacle, or out of view but will look around for 5 seconds before leaving the hiding survivor.
  • Special Mori is active once 100% darkness is reached and can only mori people trapped in darkness or a survivor on dead hook who is not trapped in the darkness.
  • Darkness affects the map view of survivors but they will always have a circle of light around them so they can see things right next to them.
  • Survivors in a chase will not have darkness affect them but map will be slightly darker then normal depending on how many tokens there are in use.
  • Reason to change from stalking to shadow demons is because it fits more to him because of his lore and makes him more of a challenge because he can go into stealth mod while sending out his shadow demons to find survivors faster while dragging them into darkness making the game harder as time goes by.
  • Shadow demons once they see a survivor they will run slightly faster than a survivor but slower than the killer.

Addons Redoing addons with shadow demons

Old Damascus Key

  • A key found in Chester's coat that unlocked the box that contained the cursed blade.
  • Shadow demons now give injured status to any healthy survivors no matter if they are trapped in the darkness or not. Exposed status for 60 seconds if they collide with a survivor who was already injured.
  • Ultra Rare

Chester's Stopwatch

  • Rare
  • A stopwatch that Chester used to carry all the time so he knew when to close and open the shop.
  • Increases power recovery more and decreases cool down of summoning shadow demons.

Victor and Chester photograph:

  • A photo to remind Victor the times he spent with Chester when growing up in the shop, A cherished past soon to be forgotten in the Entity's Realm.
  • Survivors are mangled once they are unhooked until healed and will have hindered status for 20 seconds.
  • Rare

Reporters Notebook

  • A notebook that belonged to a reporter that tried to find out the identity of The Shadow but was found dead in one of London's alleyways by the police.
  • Once a Shadow Demon runs into a survivor or killer hits a survivor everyone now has an oblivious status for 60 seconds.
  • Common

Edwin's Badge

  • A police badge that Edwin dropped when he robbed the antique store which leads to his demise he tried to escape from.
  • When a survivor is in the darkness 2 lanterns will be highlighted but only 1 works when lighting it and the dull will work like a normal lantern but wont free the survivor from the darkness and attempting to take a token by using the dull lantern will instead give a token to the darkness but the survivor aura is not shown if using the fake oil lantern.
  • Very Rare

Blood Stained Letter

  • One of the many letters that Victor left on the dead victims to antagonize the police and keep the reporters guessing on who is the killer.
  • Shadow Demons hear noise notifications better from afar.
  • Uncommon

Victor's Journal

  • Uncommon
  • A journal that Victor kept with him around London during his killings, The pages are filled with drawings of demonic creatures and shadows.
  • Increases stealth power recovery 10% for each token from the darkness

Map of London

  • Rare
  • A map showing the alleyways, buildings, and streets of London that helps plan any escape routes or hiding spots.
  • Increases eyesight range of shadow demons

Antique oil Lamp

  • Uncommon
  • One of the many antiques that Chester kept at the shop, An old brass oil lamp that stories say that a Djinn resides in it.
  • Moderately increases time to escape the Darkness

Wooden Marionette

  • Uncommon
  • A antique wooden marionette that Victor always played with when he was little, dressed up in a tailcoat and top hat.
  • Choose what generator will the Shadow demon spawn near.

Voodoo Doll

  • Uncommon
  • One of the many oddities that Chester kept at the shop, an old doll that has been used in rituals and seems it has been used frequently in the past.
  • Hitting a survivor will make one survivor that is trapped in the darkness scream.

Chains of the Darkness

  • Uncommon
  • Chains forged from the darkness to prevent those that are trapped in the darkness from reaching the light.
  • Survivors trapped in the darkness now have the Hindered status unless they escape the darkness.

Evil Eye Amulet

  • Very Rare
  • One of the many relics that Chester kept at the shop, a very old amulet with the evil eye symbol depicted on it which old tales say it's to ward off evil.
  • Majorly increases actions done for each survivor trapped in the darkness and takes longer to escape the darkness

Magnifying Glass

  • A memento taken from a detective who was on the trail of The Shadow but one day was found dead in the back alleyways of London
  • Those who become hurt in the darkness will receive hemorrhage status
  • Common

Celtic Silver Cross

  • A antique cross made of silver that was made in Ireland long ago and said to bring good luck.
  • Increases amount of time for aura reading.
  • Rare

Folktales and Urban Legends book

  • A book containing the knowledge of folktales and urban legends from around the world and The Shadow is mentioned in the book.
  • Vaulting, breaking pallets, and generator breaking time is majorly decreased as more victims fall into the shadows.
  • Very Rare

Vial of Blood

  • A vial that is full of the blood of past victims which gives the blade more dark power.
  • It makes blood trails much brighter but does not stack with Bloodhound.
  • Uncommon

Police Hand Bell

  • A bell used to alert fellow police if one of them found something or they are in trouble...... when police arrived to investigate there was a person's corpse or the corpse of the policeman who rang the bell.
  • When survivors self heal, cleansing, repair, or trying to free them selves from the dark action speed is slightly reduced but co op action is majorly reduced for each person trapped in the darkness.
  • Uncommon

London newspaper

  • A newspaper that was released in London about Victor's killings of the cops and civilians who tried to find and stop Victor themselves but were never found.
  • easier to escape the darkness but 100% points in deviousness.
  • Common

Williams Warning Letter

  • A letter meant to be read by Edwin Jones to warn him to stay low so he can make sure that no one knows that he broke into the antique shop and William can cover his tracks.....the letter is still smeared by the blood of Edwin Jones.
  • Shadow Demons will have a extra life but cool down is increased and sneak stab a survivor trapped in darkness gives you half of your sneak power back.
  • Very Rare

Common Information

  • Power: The Blade of Shadows
  • Terror radius and speed: They are the normal speed that almost every killer has which is 115 % and 4.6 m/s but Terror radius is 30 instead of 32
  • Nationality: British
  • Gender: Male
  • Chase Music: Gothic music with violins
  • Map: Layout similar to Whitechapel London streets with an antique shop and buildings.
  • Map name: London
  • Door breaking animation: The Shadow takes his blade and slashes the door three times until it breaks.
  • Vaulting animation: Like Ghostface and Freddy he lifts himself up the window and slides down.
  • Voice: Young male voice or a male demonic voice.
  • Main Hand: He is Right handed.
  • Clothing style: Victorian 1800


In the dark night of London 1888 you see a police officer running down the street and darts to one of the alleyways. The police officer looks around the corner for the killer but does not see him. As he looks around a silhouette begins to form behind him. The police officer turns around to see the killer aka The Shadow in front of him. The police officer opens his mouth to scream but The Shadow plunges his blade into his heart which stops the officers scream. The blade glows as it's covered in the officers blood. The Shadow pulls his blade out of the officer and the blade absorbs the blood on itself becoming clean once more. The Shadow walks out of the alleyway and walks a far into the fog covered street. As The Shadow vanishes out of view a pair of legs of Robert can be seen walking towards the dead officer. Robert crouches next to the corpse and looks at it for a bit studying it with a stern look. Robert gets back up and heads toward the same direction as The Shadow went and vanishes into the fog.


  • The Survivor tries to get up but The Shadow grabs the survivor by the collar and throws them onto the ground landing on their back. Victor jumps on them then starts stabbing and slicing nonstop until the survivor is dead. He gets back up and his head moves a bit like in the motion he is laughing.
  • Thick mist starts to surround the survivor like shadows and The Shadow flips the survivor onto their back. The Shadow raises his knife which the camera now cuts to the knife then as the knife goes down the camera is now on The Shadow and the survivor. The Knife plunges into the Survivor's heart and the survivor screams as if his soul is being ripped out. The knife starts to glow and the eyes of the survivor turn black then the survivor stops screaming. The survivor's face is frozen in fear with black eyes while The Shadow's body moment shows he is chuckling, laughing, or staying silent as he cleans his blade.
  • Survivor gets up and tries to make a run for it but everything is dark and all they see are silhouettes or shadows. The survivor turns around to see The Shadow as he plunges his knife into the heart. Survivor screams, knife glows like last time and eyes turn black. Now The Shadow pulls out his knife and the body plunges into the darkness never to be seen again.

Cosmetic Descriptions

  • Head: Victor wears the top hat that Grandpa Chester made for him when he passed and a new face given to him by the shadows.
  • Torso: He always was the Gentleman type even after the killings he did during his time in London.
  • Knife: The cursed knife he found locked in the attic inside an engraved box in which the knife seems to power itself with blood.


Relics of the past

  • Whenever a survivor finishes searching a chest their aura will be revealed to the killer and the killer gains the undetectable status effect for 7/10/12 seconds and other survivor aura's are revealed for 5 seconds if they pick up the item that was taken from the chest.
  • Logo: 17th century strong box
  • Victor: No one will ever steal from me again and that's a promise I intend to keep.

An eye for an eye

  • When the killer is hit with DS, hit with a pallet, stunned with a flashlight, or stunned by a locker they are granted a 1/2/3ms speed boost to movement and faster vaulting, carrying, hooking, grabbing, and breaking gens for 10,11,13 seconds
  • Logo: Victor's blade with the skulls of survivors surrounding it.
  • Victor: For once in my life I ran out of mercy

The Shadow's Curse

  • After hooking a survivor, the next survivor you down will create 2/2/3 fake auras of downed survivors in random locations of the map. Picking up and hooking this survivor will create 2/2/3 fake hooking notifications and highlight said hooks to the survivors until any survivor approaches the hook in a 5/4/3 meter radius. Cooldown to activate this effect again is 100/90/80 seconds after hooking the affected survivor
  • Logo: A silhouette of The Shadow aka Victor wearing his coat and top hat.
  • Victor: The shadows can drive anyone into the abyss of madness.


Robert Jameson FBI agent


Solves unsolved cases, always a Lady charmer and helped those in need.

Growing up in California was always hard for Robert especially with all the criminal activity around him. Later in life, he got a job in the FBI for his knack for solving crimes and making sure they get solved. In his 5 year career, he has solved more crimes than anyone else in the organization.

In his past time, he read books about unsolved cases around the world but one always fascinated him. A case in London which took place between 1885 and 1888. There were many deaths of police and civilians which meant hardly any witnesses. The public named the killer The Shadow but later in 1888 he vanished and was never heard from again.

Besides reading books about cases in his spare time he spent most of his time solving them with no rest. Robert had his fights with the law when someone walks free when they commit a crime that needs justice. When this happens Robert collects all the evidence taken from the case and looks for anything which will put them away for a long time. The job was tough but he had to stand his ground and make sure they pay for the crimes they committed.

Some cases he took had unfortunate consequences which costed people's lives. Many of the convicts that he caught tried to kill him from time to time but usually were not that smart enough to finish the job. When he gets time off he helps people around with their life either its babysitting or repairing a car engine.

Later in his career, he had a battle of intelligence against a powerful crime boss named John Ward who broke many laws and caused many people to die. A year later he gathered enough evidence to put the Ward in prison for the rest of his life but his thugs were not too happy about it. Months later Robert got a tip about the possibility that the rest of Ward's thugs hiding out in an old cabin out in the woods. Robert drove to the cabin and went inside while Ward's boys came out of hiding and began to circle around the cabin. The thugs broke down the door but Robert was not inside and all there was inside the cabin was thick black fog. Cops came to the cabin and arrested all of Ward's boys because of Robert leaving a note to where he is going.

Cops repeatedly questioned the thugs but all they could tell them was that they never saw Robert. Even though they had no proof of the thug's involvement of Robert's disappearance they did have charges against them with past crimes. All of Ward's boys are now locked up but sadly Robert was never found which made John Ward happy.

Robert wakes up to see himself in the middle of a foggy street. He looks around to see buildings similar to pictures of 1888 London buildings in the unsolved case of The Shadow killings. Robert hears screams in the distance and knows there are other people here that need help. As he turns around he sees a silhouette of a Victorian Gentleman walking down the foggy street and vanishes. Robert walks down the street knowing the only way to survive is to study this killer and help other survivors find a way out of this darkness.

Basic Information

Name/ Robert Jameson

Gender/ Male

Age/ 30

Nationality/ American

Role/ Determined FBI






Criminal Profiling

After breaking 3/2/1 Totems, you will be notified if the Killer has a hex perk. After breaking a totem the killer's aura is revealed for 2/3/4 seconds.

Tactical entrance

Rushed actions while not in a chase will be performed 5/10/15% faster. The first vault during a chase will be performed 10/15/20% faster with a 60/55/50 second cooldown (cooldown does not count down during a chase)

Credits to the people that voted for Jack the Ripper in polls, People from the community that helped me with the perks in the linked forum below poll, And TheMythicalCat for redoing the concept bonus power Darkness compatible with the main power without making it unfair or OP.

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    The survivor could be Mary Kelly

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    When a killer has a similar power to another killer, there needs to be enough to separate them. For example, Leatherface loses the mobility Hillbilly has in exchange for easier downs and the ability to down multiple people. The issue, is when one is just better then the other. The mobility lost when going from Hillbilly to Leatherface just is not worth it, even with the ability to down easier. This makes Hillbilly's power almost objectively better.

    I can see the same thing here, with this power. Is making it harder to get broken out of stealth worth it for losing insta-downs? I don't think so. What Jack would gain with easier chases is just nullified by the fact that Ghostface often doesn't even need to chase in the first place. He can 99% someone, get close, activate it and down them instantly. Hitting a survivor and letting them go so they are broken and need to mend isn't very helpful. Legion does this so that they are forced to mend instead of doing gens, so that he can chase someone else and occupy two survivors time at once. Ghostface insta-downing someone occupies three people's time; the downed/hooked person, the guy who's coming to save him, and whoever you chase after downing someone. This is balanced because Legion can get lots of hits easily. Jack has the worst of both. He can't catch them easily like Legion can, and he can't knock them down instantly like Ghostface can. What this makes is a killer who is pretty much objectively worse then Ghostface. He would need something else, some other sort of advantage that gives you a reason to play him over Ghostface. Something that if Ghostface had, it would make him better. The oblivious effect wouldn't do this. Ghostface doesn't need to chase when he has his power, so making everyone oblivious wouldn't change him at all. The bonus wouldn't work either. On a non-stealth killer, maybe, but on someone who doesn't have trouble approaching survivors, this isn't very helpful.

    Also, a couple of things you left out would need to be addressed. Does his power charge up like Ghostface, or is it constant like Myers? How long does it take to fill? What's his movement speed? Terror radius outside of his stealth? How long does the aura reading last? How much are they slowed down, and how long does that last? Does the flashlight need to blind him, or like Wraith where it's anywhere on his body? Is the oblivious on every chase, or every chase with a stalked survivor? Does the broken/deep wounds only apply on a stalked survivor, or any survivor he hits? Does his stalk build up on each survivor like Ghostface, or a single bar like Myers?

    I love the idea, having a non-insta down stalking killer would be cool, but he really needs something else to make him worth playing over Ghostface.

  • Mr_MadnessMr_Madness Member Posts: 882

    After reading this post I am adding what I missed and explanation on what powers are meant to be played. I do love feed back so what do you recommend to make him better then Ghost face.

    I am trying to make a killer that can be stealthy but messy once it comes to the chase and killing.

    ps I am still changing and adding stuff to post.

  • Mr_MadnessMr_Madness Member Posts: 882
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    I meant to save draft not post it........ If any mod sees this I made a mistake of posting this by accident instead of saving draft. I can still finish and change the stuff if I am allowed too on this forum instead of the previous one

  • Mr_MadnessMr_Madness Member Posts: 882
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    ps again Killer's name is The Shadow because of known reasons unless the devs want it to be named The Ripper, ps tell me what you think of it or how I can improve it so it has a better chance to be seen by devs or mods. Mostly because I spent over a month and a half so really do not want this to feel like I wasted time on because of some errors.

  • BlueFirebillyBlueFirebilly Member Posts: 257

    Ngl an eye for an eye is an amazing perk but the speed is way to fast for an increase, it should only be 1/2/3 m/s because a 12ms killer would be way too op

  • Mr_MadnessMr_Madness Member Posts: 882

    Will do but going to wait for more feedback to do changes since worried about the review thing happening due to many edits. But thx for feedback since its always appreciated!

  • TheMythicalCatTheMythicalCat Member Posts: 175

    Honestly, I would have kept Broken from the last post instead of Oblivious. With Broken, that meant that they couldn't heal, so if they escaped and you found them again, it would be more likely that they would still be injured. With Oblivious, they would probably be watching for you anyways, as they would know that you where looking for them. And I don't know if it was in the last post, but I noticed that you put that his stalking is faster then Ghostface and Michael, which is exactly what he needed to separate him from those two and make him a viable choice.

  • Mr_MadnessMr_Madness Member Posts: 882

    Ah alright so keep broken, and yup I made his stalk faster then other killers and regain faster during chases due to not having a exposed status so if Victor does manage to knock him down or lose them he could just go back in power and try again

  • DabihwowDabihwow Member Posts: 3,409

    Great over all, I like it, however if I was in charge of this I would change the weapon look. I imaged his weapon would have vicious looking gut hooks on the dagger. why the gut hooks because his name is Jack the Ripper and want to imply that ripper feel. Another thing is that I think his name should be 'The Ripper' since he's Jack the Ripper. This is my opinion however, I'm not saying this is terrible but some changes could be made. I agree on some of the other posts made, and I like how you applied the deep wound status effect because it would fit this killer nicely.

  • Mr_MadnessMr_Madness Member Posts: 882

    The reason the knives look like that is that I am using Victorian style since that was most common in London and the knife on the right is the main due to looking more cursed and one on the left is a knife taken as a memento of the Antique shop. I do agree with a knife that has hooks but maybe as an extra cosmetic in the shop for shards. If this forum is forgotten and needs to do a reboot in the far future then I will draw more knives and outfits for a more horror feel but the stock outfit should fit his timeline but again a hooked knife will be a great cosmetic set for a more demonic Victor. Again I love the feedback so the killer can have needed changes so the devs can consider to put him in-game.

  • DabihwowDabihwow Member Posts: 3,409

    Okay sounds good, the next thing the devs should do every now and then is add a create your own chapter contest where winners will have their chapters in the game

  • Mr_MadnessMr_Madness Member Posts: 882

    If anyone is reading this the new one is here

    Moved to share your work so if your interested in this concept then check it out. Also any mods can you please close this since I have 2 open and 2nd was moved from general to share your work so I dont want to have this one in generals again if 2nd got moved to a better place.

  • Mr_MadnessMr_Madness Member Posts: 882

    That is true and maybe the people do not get in the first place will have the outfits of the new killers be placed on the ones that are already in-game so at least the custom outfits got in. Also if Victor did get in I would see him as a single DLC with no survivor unless the devs made on for him since I do not want to make a survivor for this DLC because I spent so much time on Victor XD. ps Decided to include some add-ons so it has more of a chance to get in since most of the work is done for the devs and all they need to do is just sort out what they want left in or left out.

  • Mr_MadnessMr_Madness Member Posts: 882

    I placed some addons ideas on here and left one blank until I can think of more add ons, also if you're confused with some comments its because I asked my first version of this forum to be closed so comments from there were added to here. So comments from the first forum are placed in older comments and comments on this page are the newer comments. Again if you think I can improve something or change something so Devs can add this killer in-game then let me know, please.

  • CardgreyCardgrey Member Posts: 1,412
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  • Mr_MadnessMr_Madness Member Posts: 882
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    comment deleted due to being a posted twice by accident which is the same comment as below this one.

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  • Mr_MadnessMr_Madness Member Posts: 882

    Well, first you said Spring-heeled Jack and not Jack the Ripper and second not to be rude but this is like an alternate version of Jack with only small references to the actual killer. Mary Kelly is the actual victim and not even a reference. The DLC concept will either be a standalone killer or a DLC pack with another survivor if the Devs can think of one. Also, there is the problem with referring to Mary due to being the real victim who is dead and not a lot of information to make creative lore so it's only slightly referencing Mary. Lastly, the Devs have the common to have a survivor taken into the realm from modern times so kinda impossible to make a referenced survivor anything like Mary unless they do a modern version.

    Overall I just hope its a single Killer DLC because of this reason with the real victims and that's why I made the lore which is slightly referencing the real killer like the dates and place but also the descriptions.

  • Mr_MadnessMr_Madness Member Posts: 882
    edited April 2020

    Added Addons but will add more in the future.

    Added bullets and headlines to sections so it's easier to read.

    Will change some what of the lore so its easier to read and follow.

    Will add more information so its easier to grasp what play style this killer is going for.

    Also changed the bonus power so it might have a better chance to be in-game.

    Again if your reading this please tell me what you think and what I can improve or change to make this Killer become of the Dead By Daylight Family.

  • Mr_MadnessMr_Madness Member Posts: 882

    Question, does power now seem suitable with the darkness bonus? Seeing if I can make the power work 2 ways so the player using The Shadow can use one way or use both ways. For example non stalk hit when power is active will draw them into the darkness and map will get slightly darker as more people are hurt or killed. When this happens The Shadow can use stalk to track the victims when they are injured. Think this would be a good idea? Possible changes are when the survivor is hit the first time with darkness and they light the lantern back up it will go away but now they have a timer and when its up they return back to the darkness like Freddy with the passive dream demon. But if they are injured and become stalk they will get a sound notification like a clip of Gothic music played loudly. Asking you since you gave me very helpful advice and seems you know the mechanics very well.

  • TheMythicalCatTheMythicalCat Member Posts: 175

    I think the power is a good idea, but would work better if the darkness worked on a token system. For simplicity's sake, let's call it "The Darkness". Every time you hit a healthy survivor, 1 token is added to The Darkness, maximum 10. Hitting a survivor, healthy or injured, puts them in The Darkness. For every token, survivors effected by The Darkness have the map around them (lets say, everywhere 5 meters away, so they can still see things directly in front of them) slightly darkened. Survivors effected by The Darkness can see Lanterns from anywhere on the map, and must go to them and cleanse themselves to free themselves from The Darkness. When survivors reach a Lantern, they can either cleanse themselves normally, or reveal their Aura, and remove both The Darkness and a token, which would take longer. You can only do this if you are effected by The Darkness. 0 tokens is no darkness, 10 tokens is max darkness, and everything scales to those numbers. So 7 tokens would be 70% darkness, 3 would be 30%, ect. When effected by The Darkness, survivors can see The Shadow's eyes glowing, but only if The Shadow is looking at them, and only if The Shadow doesn't have his power active. Survivors are not effected by The Darkness in a chase. Effected survivors have a black mist surrounding them, visible to both Killer and other Survivors.

    This would have the nice effect of slowing survivors down by making them cleanse themselves and gives The Shadow even more stealth, which helps separate him even more from Ghostface. It would either give him nice snowball potential by having The Darkness stack tokens over time and really hinder survivors view, or the survivors wouldn't heal, letting you insta-down them. And I put it so that it doesn't effect survivors in the chase because that would be way too op, they wouldn't be able to find Pallets or Windows. I put it as 10 tokens so it would take a bit to get to, since completely obscuring your screen is a bit powerful. I think the concept is a great idea, but making it rely on how many survivors are injured would make it too similar to Thanatophobia, an already bad perk. Making it build over time would make it much more consistent. And the ability to remove tokens is just to give Survivors some counterplay.

  • Mr_MadnessMr_Madness Member Posts: 882

    That is some really great work on making a better way for The Darkness being a part of the main power. I also put you in credits since I would never be able to think of that in a million years. Also gives me more ideas for addons since I kinda ran out due to only using the stalking power but now I can think of more for the Darkness thanks to you mate.

  • AfianzarAfianzar Member Posts: 1

    what if the killer use knock out and shadow curse ? hmm...

  • IceryIcery Member Posts: 199

    It has a lot of work on it and i would like to see it in game.

  • Revzi100Revzi100 Member Posts: 522

    they wont name any killer after real life killers no matter how long a go it was. does it make it ok to ad fred and rose west to the game or jeffrey dahmer? there would be lawsuits all over the place, i do like the idea though.

  • Mr_MadnessMr_Madness Member Posts: 882

    Yeah I know that since that is why I consider The Shadow over the Name Ripper. The Shadow fits more since in this alternate lore he strikes from the shadows and is more of a shadow demon in-game because of his power and mechanics. I only said Ripper because Devs might like that name better but I prefer The Shadow because of those reasons. Also Ironic thing is he had 2 other names which one was just lazy naming.....Leather Apron. So in conclusion I try to make it not so close to the actual killer but slightly referencing him with dates,place,style, and time but I still like The Shadow over The Ripper.

  • Mr_MadnessMr_Madness Member Posts: 882
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    Next update in couple days will have the following.

    DLC poster with Killer and Survivor

    Concept art of Robert Jameson aka the survivor.

    Will change 2nd perk or finally add 3rd perk.

    Making pictures of perk logos.

    Survivor Lore still WIP

    Slightly changing Killer background to make it more interesting


    Animation descriptions of Vaulting and door breaking.

    Changed a bit of the beginning of the Killer's story.

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  • Mr_MadnessMr_Madness Member Posts: 882
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    Added Perk Logos for The Shadow.

    DLC poster half way done

    Survivor concept art 1/3 done

    Lore still WIP

    I'll just comment again once Poster and survivor concept art is done which will be couple days. Doing that way because posting updates might look like bumping so I will only comment once I add lots of stuff in one time instead small stuff.

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