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Killer Concept: The Babyface

WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 7,306

I know Happy Death Day isn't a horror classic by any means, but I thought it would be cool to design a Killer based on Babyface from Happy Death Day. I tried to keep it balanced while also doing justice to the killer's capabilities in the movie, enjoy!


4.4 m/s Movement Speed

0m Terror Radius


Quantum Flux: Press the Active Ability button to enter Vengeance Stance(VS). While in Vengeance Stance, you move at 4.6 m/s and your Terror Radius becomes 32m. Holding the Active Ability button in Vengeance Stance will cause you to rewind at 2 times speed up to the point where you entered Vengeance Stance. You go back to Basic Stance(BS) after rewinding and there is a 15 second cooldown before you can re-enter Vengeance Stance.

Death Counters: After rewinding, all injured survivors in a 32m range gain a Death Counter. When a survivor gains a Death Counter, they become Exhausted and Mangled for 10 seconds per Death Counter they have. On the power icon it will say how many Death Counters have been distributed and reduce the VS cooldown by 1 second for each of them, to a maximum of a 7 second reduction.


Stat changes: Decreased TR and rewind speed in VS, Increased TR and cooldown in VS, Increased BS TR and VS rewind speed, Decreased BS MS and VS cooldown.

Very Rare: School Spirit Mask: Survivors scream when they gain a Death Counter, -10% rewind speed; Carousel Music Box: Healthy survivors gain Death Counters but aren't applied status effects from them, +16m TR in BS; Chocolate Milk Carton: The obsession heals and unhooks others 5% slower per Death Counter on them, status effects from Death Counters last half as long, survivors gain a Death Counter when put onto a hook; Lori's Hair Tie: Every 5 Death Counters a survivor gets they become your obsession, -20% Death Counter status effect duration for the obsession

Ultra Rare: Dead Cell Phone: Survivors are Hindered while under the status effects of Death Counters, +20 seconds to VS cooldown; Poisoned Cupcake: Rewinding to the point where you entered VS will reveal the aura of the obsession and expose them for 90 seconds(these end when the survivor is hooked), and grant them a Death Counter. Hooking the obsession puts your power on cooldown for 75 seconds, -5 seconds per Death Counter that survivor has. +15 seconds to VS cooldown.


Pointless Kindness

When a survivor is unhooked 32m or more away from you, the rescuer has their healing and repair speeds decreased by 25% for 60 seconds and they become your obsession.

Hex: Envy's Sting

Each time a generator is completed a random dull totem is turned into a hex totem with this effect: The survivor(s) who completed the generator are healed and unhooked by others 50% slower outside of the killer's Terror Radius. Cleansing a hex totem, including this one, will leave a dull totem in its place and all dull totems will be blocked by the Entity for 120 seconds. The Hex effect persists as long as the related Hex Totem is standing.

Always Watching

While you aren't in a chase, survivors hear an approaching TR when they start working on a generator.


The Basic Stance Terror Radius is an omnidirectional music box tune. No map in mind yet. Have some Tree perks in mind but am gonna leave Babyface alone here. Need help naming lower rarity add-ons. I'm not very good at lore but the best I can think of is an alternate dimension Lori or maybe even Phi.

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