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How do you find Ghost Face's reveal mechanic to be?

Ghost_Face_MainGhost_Face_Main Member Posts: 366

Just being observational by picking out the weeds in the community.

How do you find Ghost Face's reveal mechanic to be? 26 votes

RevealinRevealing him is very easy
GibberishSkullKidSilackoTrialByFire476 4 votes
Works fine, but not without its kinks
Seiko300StrancolSapoSaponimesulidenoname112233454chinsCephalon_LebrongofuDanZBR123Veckman 10 votes
It is impossible to perform on a regular basis
JetTheWaffleCatVolantConch1719Leonardo1itaAhoyWolfPrettyFaceKateBigTimeGamerJoelwinoAwkward_FiendBassTramcynicalIamDwightTheEntityNea 12 votes


  • BassTramBassTram Member Posts: 179
    It is impossible to perform on a regular basis

    I definitely agree. When I'm running and I turn my camera back and stare at Ghostface it sometimes doesn't work but if I'm hooked or on the ground I can reveal him just having my camera pointed in the correct direction and not even know it lol

  • Seiko300Seiko300 Member Posts: 1,392
    edited April 2020
    Works fine, but not without its kinks

    People say that it's impossible but really I just feel like they aren't doing it right :/

    According to the Dead By Daylight wiki: "Survivors need to see at least 20 % of Ghost Face's body within the centre 26 % of the Player's screen for at least 1.5 seconds to reveal him."

    This means if both conditions aren't met, you're not busting him out of his power. He can't be on the left or right sides of your screen he needs to be in the dead center, and a certain portion of his "hitbox" needs to be seen. The hitbox is minimized / is made smaller when he's crouching so you need to account for that, and if he's "hiding" behind anything, even if it's tufts of grass that are obstructing your view. I think the reveal also depends on range, how far you are away from Ghostface, but this isn't directly mentioned in the wiki, however you can infer that the farther away you are from something the smaller it looks / less pixels it takes up on your screen.

    I say all this just because most of the time the system works fine for me, I'm almost always able to break him out of it, I just say it works fine without saying it works perfectly because there are a few kinks here and there that should be improved but for the most part, yeah it works. To say it's impossible would be a gross exaggeration, just as it would be to say it's super easy.

    But that I think is more a problem of the poll itself and the language OP decided to use, there are probably people out there who don't want to say it's fine but there is no other negative option besides "it's impossible" which is a far left field, all the way to the end of the spectrum kind of response.

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