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Motor Mechanic - Yui Kimura by Spring3199

Yui Kimura has always worked hard to succeed. She wanted her motorcycle to be in perfect shape for her next race. She geared up with all of her tools and started to work.


Head: Yui's hair is tied up with her hachimaki and put in a bun held up with some wrenches. Her face has a smear of grease from wiping her face. She is wearing a necklace with the keys to her bike. Her lips are red to match her nail polish.

Top: Yui is wearing a white tank top under her jumpsuit. She is wearing a cross body messenger bag that she keeps her gear in. The bag is attached with buckles. She has pink fingerless gloves on so she can precisely repair her bike. She also has a arm band with accent belts around her arms

Bottom: She is wearing an unzipped jumpsuit which she tied around her waist. The sleeves come down in the back. She has a utility belt around her waist filled with tools that she uses to repair her bike. Her jumpsuit has extra pockets for screws and other tools she needs. Her boots are white with pink straps. There are embroidered sakura designs on the suit as well. she has accent belts around her legs 



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