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Survivors are to lazy to do Totems & this is the reason why they complain about Noed

PNgamerPNgamer Member Posts: 924
edited April 2020 in General Discussions

The Devs already said they aren´t touching Noed, because they want to encurage survivors to do an alternate objective.

First survivors complain about more to do in maps. Than we have so many Killer´s with onehit options. Abilitys, Add ons and stuff like that. Than survivors complain about totems are to easy to find. They have map offerings, Detectives Perk and so on......

The reason why survivors complain so much about Noed is because they are to lazy to do bones ! So stop asking for Nerfs or reworks. I can remember Noed wasn´t a totemperk ect. Its absl. absurd and i can´t understand why survivors still complain about a Hexperk.....

I told you again, the Devs never touching it yet, because this perk is perfect balanced atm and i don´t care what wannaby pros or Streamer are saying. Everyone can have his own oppinion thats np for me and i accept it. If they wanna rush only gens np they can do, but than accept or liv with the consequences.

this is the perfect answer from community Manager Not_Queen

"As it was mentioned in the thread by different people, NOED isn't rewarding poor gameplay from Killers:

  • Killer has to play the trial with only 3 perks before the doors are activated.
  • The perk can be fully deactivated by survivors
  • If the killer has no luck in hooking many survivors before the doors are activated, then the survivors should have been able to cleanse totems without feeling pressure, thus, not giving the NOED edge to the killer. It's on them if it activates.
  • If survivors allow the killer to get a 4K with NOED in the end game, I would argue that survivors made mistakes during their end game plays or didn't prepare for the potential NOED activation.

Finally, if you don't want to play NOED, it's your prerogative. In my opinion, building a build that is strong in end game isn't rewarding failure, it is using perks for their intended purposes. The purpose of NOED is to give a killer a burst of strength in end game. Since it's effectively strong, survivors have the power to deactivate it, if they focus secondary objectives.

The killer players choosing to play NOED are banking on a burst of strength at the end for the downside of playing with 3 perks the rest of the game and having a chance to have their perk deactivated. It's a high risk, high reward scenario."

There is nothing more to say

Deal with it




  • EvilJoshyEvilJoshy Member Posts: 4,569


  • LALYTHIALALYTHIA Member Posts: 1,656

    LOL @ "Deal with it". The high horse is high AF today. 🤣

    But NOED is fine. I agree, super counterable.

  • SquirrelKnightSquirrelKnight Member Posts: 951
    edited April 2020

    But killers can hit survivors and are mean to me ;_;

    Edit: Sarcasm cause you cant tell the difference in type.

  • PNgamerPNgamer Member Posts: 924

    dude you dont understand it right ?, do finally bones or do it not. Its your decision but pls ....you can believe me the devs don´t touching it cause this perk is perfect balanced atm and can be full deactivate by survivors. Look at my topic the key word is LAZY. It´s not hard to do totems for some seconds.

  • PNgamerPNgamer Member Posts: 924

    I mean look what they have done with Hexruin ..... what do you think if they touching noed ? RIP

  • ZaKzanZaKzan Member Posts: 550

    I just can't believe survivors chose to make their stand against such a weak and almost entirely useless perk.

    If killers couldn't get multiple kills off of noed, you'd see it used a lot less. When you know the killer has noed, just escape and give the killer the kill. This simple solution would see Noed basically killed.

    I'm not even going to say do totems, just don't be greedy.

  • toxcitynacltoxcitynacl Member Posts: 464

    I run IS so very much in my interest to do totems and I run detective's hunch to find them better. I have dropped through the hole in the ceiling in the game to find the gen there done and the totem still standing meaning someone or more than someone did a gen and left the totem sitting right next to the gen. But to be fair some totems are put in some pretty bad spots. Once one was in a bag and the open end facing a wall. Another was in a tiny alcove tucked into a wall. The ones at Dead Dawg are nearly impossible to find....so it isn't just being lazy in many cases.

  • OtakuBurritoOtakuBurrito Member Posts: 512

    NoED is fine but don’t act like RNG doesn’t play a factor in it. Certain maps will spawn [BAD WORD] totem spots and god totem spots. Leary’s is a nightmare for totems. All those blue crates make looking for them a COMPLETE pain in the ass and all survivors have to do is miss one. Same thing for Haddonfield.

  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 7,318

    I agree NOED is fine, but I disagree with the blanket statement that survivors are all lazy and have no right to complain about something they find unfair. I personally think the biggest problem with NOED is that it encourages camping when in my opinion it should encourage keeping the survivors on edge right up until the last survivor goes out the gates.

  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 7,318

    Also if noed is fine ds is fine, just learn the counters for the perks lol

  • EvilJoshyEvilJoshy Member Posts: 4,569

    Will you continue to buy cosmetics if you can't find a game? Cause keep pushing in this direction and there won't be any killers left. How long do you think your que times will be then?

    Actually I think the killers make the money in this game. The survivors are the majority but we all know the licensed killers are what draws people to this game. You think people saw Nancy+Steve and said "Omg I wanna play as Nancy" No they saw freddy, bubba, demi and said i wanna play as him! Then they cried when they realized how broken the game is and they switched to the survivor side.

  • EvilJoshyEvilJoshy Member Posts: 4,569

    I don't even know what that means so im gonna say no. Id rather we just have a font for sarcasm.

  • DBD78DBD78 Member Posts: 2,367

    Or they are just bad and can't buy themselfs time to do anything else than gens.

  • gantesgantes Member Posts: 1,611

    Oh yes, from the creators of "just mindgame the Spirit", the conitnuation to the critically acclaimed series "there's no problem with the design, it's the players that have been playing for literal years that don't know how to deal with this thing that has been around for just as long".

    Yep DS is fine too, just don't tunnel xD. SWF is fine, just apply more pressure. Keys are fine, just kill the survivors before they find the hatch.

    The devs aren't gonna come out and say "so guys, that design was garbage, so we'll change it". It's not a good look for them. They said for years that gen speed was fine, they said in the past that infinites were fine because they took skill, they seem to think DS is in a good place, they even said Legion was in an okay spot. So unless you're willing to accept all those things as true, stop appealing to authority and acting like the devs always know what's best. They're humans just like us.

    Maybe think a bit about why people are complaining instead of just assuming they're all wrong and you're right. What tilts the everliving frick outta me is the lack of nuance in every single "just do the bones xD" post. No consideration as to how much different information works when concerning solos vs SWF is the main offender of this. Until there's a clear feedback so that all survivors know how many dull totems have been cleansed, it's not a secondary objective, and it's not fair nor balanced that solos have to do all totems to make sure they're done while SWF just gets that information for free.

  • toxcitynacltoxcitynacl Member Posts: 464

    I didn't come to this game to play killer licensed or otherwise. Only reason I play killer at all is to do some easy Daily or Rift challenges to get basically free BP to spend on my survivors. And I started as Feng and still my main and I have spent a few $ on cosmetics. But I do think Behaviour is being very irresponsible. I have to spend auric cells to get Feng or Yuri a mask with a pandemic going on?

  • toxcitynacltoxcitynacl Member Posts: 464

    Totally agree. I have found totems that without detective's hunch I'd never have seen it. One was literally inside a bush and had to go around it three times with the perk just to find it. Another was inside a bag with the only open side facing a wall, the ones at Dead Dawn are nearly invisible.

  • AvisDeeneAvisDeene Member Posts: 2,396

    They don't have to do all 5 totems when the match is close. They can simply bring in a map or replace one of their perks with Small Game and Detectives Hunch and look for the glowing totem when the generators are completed. I agree that not all Survivors are lazy, but the ones asking for a nerf to NoEd or for a totem counter are.

  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 7,318

    This is pretty nuanced and well written. I 100% agree, and I'm also pretty disappointed that so many people are ignoring the fact that the NOED "conflict" represents the community's opinion of the swf-solo gap and that when the community agrees that NOED is fine they are agreeing that the swf-solo gap is fine.

  • ZaKzanZaKzan Member Posts: 550

    I think the problem is that the game just doesn't force survivors to learn it. You don't need to understand the intricacies of pathing, anti gen patrol, looping, or with the recent ruin nerf, even finding totems because totem perks are so weak. The only thing you really need to learn how to do as a survivor is hit skill checks and be able to approach a hook and unhook someone. You're given plenty of perks to mitigate any problems you have with looping the killer or being chased by the killer. The fact that the majority of totems spawn in quite plain sight also exacerbates this, so when survivors feel forced to learn where totems are, they can just rely on how common it is for a totem to spawn near a gen and use the gens as markers.

    So while it isn't explicitly laziness, it's more of a lack of real challenge the game gives survivors so they feel like they don't have to do totems, they can just slam gens and reliably survive just basically doing that.

  • SeanzuDuckSeanzuDuck Member Posts: 6,224

    Here's the NOED scenario I see most often.

    Killer finds someone, killer proxy camps,

    What do killers tell survivors they should do to counter camping? You got it, do gens.

    Survivors do gens and "rush" them.

    Survivor dies after being camped and the killer then gets to pick themselves up another kill at the end after NOED procs because those lazy survivors tried to do the gens instead of throwing themselves at a camping killer.

  • gantesgantes Member Posts: 1,611

    The same people that argue that solo should be brought up to the same level as SWF to buff killers are creating these empty, upvote bait discussions and it's hilarious and sad at the same time. People really don't like checking their own biases.

  • gantesgantes Member Posts: 1,611

    You can argue the exact same thing for both sides. Truth is, the game does a poor job teaching people fundamentals - tiles, pathing, patrolling, when to give up chases, when it's safe to save or not. I don't blame the devs too much because those things are highly nuanced and subjective, but there are both survivors who rank up by playing immersed, doing gens and leaving without interacting with anyone else and killers who rank up by hard camping and tunnelling without learning how the game works from within. The core difference is that in these forums survivors are entitled and should "git gud" while killers are somehow victims of game design and shouldn't be held accountable for their own failures. As long as we have double standards like this being so widely accepted here, it's very hard to have productive discussions.

  • ZaKzanZaKzan Member Posts: 550

    But the underlying problem to your argument is that ultimately a good survivor group will have a very high survival rate against a good killer. The only balancing factor that survivors have is the weak link on their team because this game does a poor job putting people in a rank that they belong.

    A survivor that knows how to play is very oppressive in their own right 1v1 vs a killer. Usually, if the other 2 survivors know how to hit skillchecks, if you are unfortunate enough to run into the 2 good survivors on a team, you have already wasted enough time for those two survivors to throw the game in their favor, even if you abandon the chases quickly.

    The simple fact of the matter is that survivor is very laid back. There's a reason why most of the streamers for this game play survivor, because you can effectively be distracted and doing something else while also having an extremely easy time surviving even solo.

    The only part of the game where killer is oppressive is in the lower ranks where survivors barely even know how to hit skillchecks.

    I have tried to get friends to play this game but they cite the fact that this game is too heavily survivor sided and thus not fun as their reasons for not playing. This isn't even an opinion, there's a reason why killers get bloodlust, because the game is broken in the survivors' favor.

  • gantesgantes Member Posts: 1,611

    Carrying as solo survivor only exists when broken setups exist. Unless the killer misplays horribly, there's no way a single survivor can last long enough to "1v1 comfortably" in newer maps without OP connected tiles.

    I don't have the numbers on that but the streamer population proportion probably matches the general playerbase proportion. This game needs to be roughly 4 survivors to 1 killer in order to work. Besides, I've seen many killer streamers roflstomp survivors while playing attention to chat and stuff. It's because those people are obscenely good at the game when compared to the general player and nothing else. Of course the role where you interact with your opponent for 25 ish% of the match is gonna be more laid back, but that's, once again, a design thing not a balance thing.

    And all of that goes out the window when talking about snowball killers. A killer can win a game just as quickly as they can lose it as most killers. If every single killer was at a power level of, let's say, Huntress and above, this game wouldn't be survivor sided anymore besides very few deathsquads, which are far too uncommon to have the game be balanced around them.

    If you're facing an average red rank solo survivor squad you absolutely do not need a weak link in order to win. Then you can argue that some red rank survivors don't belong at red ranks, to which I respond that quite a few red rank killers don't belong at red ranks either, because the ranking system is awful.

    One more thing: bloodlust was created primarily because of infinites and god loops. It belongs less and less in the game the more maps get updated.

    "But the underlying problem to your argument is that ultimately a good survivor group will have a very high survival rate against a good killer." If the survivors are on comms, yes, but we all know information is too important in this game. If they're not, I'd be willing to bet a good player playing a good killer might have the edge.

  • illusionillusion Member Posts: 750

    But there are perks that can help you locate them. The problem is that certain survivors don't want to adapt and give up perk slots to use them. And frankly, most are just to lazy to bother. It's far easier to ask for a nerf.

    Many killer hated Ruin, and wasting a slot on a perk that likely wouldn't last long, but it was an adaption that they had to make due to the situation. Ruin got nerfed, and the game is faster on the survivors side, so the killers had to adapt again. Many don't want to use NOED, and some still don't, but many feel that it's the only option to balance things out.

    The problem is that these survivors complaining about NOED are not willing to adapt, in any way. There are even other perks that more directly counter NOED, without having to find totems but, again, some survivors are unwilling to adapt and give up other perks in order to use them.

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