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The Experiment (Doctor) by Floot Boops

The Doctor "The Experiment" - The subject appears to have lost any and all signs of humanity. It has become rabid through all of our testing.

Stay Awake (head piece) - After one week of testing, the subject appears to be foaming at the mouth due to lack of sleep and human consumption.

Torn Cloth (body piece) - The subjects' outfit has been completely abolished and is covered in dirt and grime. It has destroyed its restraints and sleeves torn off. It has somehow managed to bring the 'clapping monkey' back to life even with a lack of batteries, we must obtain it.

Severed hand (weapon) - In an attempt to save itself, the subject has consumed another subject in desperation due to lack of food. It has taken subject 3495's right arm as a sort of trophy and swings it towards anyone who dares near it.


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