Home Rank update error and Disconnection Penalty

Player update error & needs internet connection.

I have written a forum back in March with this issue, and send a support ticket and nothing was reached from me.

Please be sure to include any relevant information, such as: 

  • It is on PC
  • Since November last year
  • It won't let me send logs here, I can further send it via DM.
  • This is has been happening since November last year, I tried everything. Reinstalling , verifying the files, everything. PLEASE help me figure this out in regards what may be causing this.. It is not my internet as my internet has not once gone out, and I even refreshed it.


  • lunaposalunaposa Member Posts: 88

    bumping this up

  • StevenTheChiefStevenTheChief Member Posts: 9

    You can bump this all you want. They won't respond. This is the state of the devs. Has been for a long time.

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