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Spine Chill Deserves a Buff

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So the latest patch has been a hot topic on the forums lately, but oddly enough no one mentioned the Spine Chill nerf the devs tried to slip past us! Perhaps the devs tapped it because more players were realizing its potential, but whatever the reason a nerf was definitely unjustified. I bet you're wondering right now how exactly the devs nerfed Spine Chill. Let me tell you.

Spine Chill nerf in latest patch: Great skill check bonus reduced to 1% from 2%

"How is this a nerf?" you might ask? Well, Spine Chill offers a 10% skill check chance increase while active, and by nerfing skill checks they should have adjusted this perk to compensate, like they did with Stake Out.

My Solution Idea: Spine Chill will now offer a 20% skill check chance increase, not only does this compensate for the skill check change in terms of gen speed effectiveness(2*.1=1*.2), but it makes Spine Chill a good farming perk for skill check points and a good Autodidact synergy perk. Let me know your guys' thoughts! Did Spine Chill deserve the nerf? Is this the best way to buff the perk? Thanks for reading.

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