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Just the Facts: NOED Needs a Change, Here's Why

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It's not really the intention of this thread to start a flame war or add to the echo chamber, so I would appreciate it if you wonderful people would keep your comments slightly constructive. That's all I ask.

On to the topic..."Waffle, wth? Why does NOED need a change, it's the only perk to counter genrushing!" NOED needs a change mostly because of two MAJOR reasons. I'm sure you've heard them a million times, so you'll stand hearing them a couple times more.

NOED Punishes Solo Queue Survivors

Swf know how many totems their teammates have cleansed, and rough estimations of totem locations can be called out as well. Without this information, cleansing dull totems is an unreliable strategy unless you use up some perk slots. Not only can you not keep track of where totems have already been cleansed to save time, but you also don't know whether or not your teammates will cleanse the totems they find. Removing such a key counterplay is definitely an unnecessary punishment.

NOED Rewards Camping

NOED is in the survivors' hands if the killer doesn't apply enough pressure. Camping is easy effective pressure, and is therefore easy NOED value. It is very easy to put the survivors in a position where they can't possibly do gens fast enough and do totems, meaning mileage from NOED is basically confirmed with this strategy.

Why This Needs a Change

The gap between swf and solos makes it extremely hard to balance the game. Will this patch make swf crush killers? Will this patch make killers crush solos? Reducing this gap through any possible means could go a long way for the health of the game. Camping is an unpleasant strategy and the non-interactive nature of it makes the game extremely boring for all of the players. Reducing the effectiveness of this strategy would be in the developer's best interests in order to not discourage players.

Feel free to bash me in the comments and call me lazy, I won't stop you nor am I sure that I can. If you agree NOED needs a change, I would love to hear your suggestions and perhaps the developers will find inspiration from the community towards making a change that would improve the experience of many players.

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