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Doctor's Day Off

character is Doctor !!

skin name is Doctor's Day Off

He got called by the Entity when enjoyed BBQ on day off .

This skewer was deliciously baked , but it burned due to his own electricity .

You can confirm faintly his glowing eyes through sunglasses .


  • SevKwakSevKwak Member Posts: 10

    Really fun! I love his weapon! It's nice to see the doctor relaxes after being so terrifying all the time.

  • JLASJLAS Member Posts: 101

    Very cute! 😁

  • TitanTubsTitanTubs Member Posts: 41

    This is great! BBQ DAD

  • megmain69megmain69 Member Posts: 4


  • HolijayHolijay Member Posts: 177

    Dang, that weapon legit made me smile with glee. So good.

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