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Frantic Finals - Adam - by Zach Lutter

I made this skin for Adam with the idea of him running late to class. This can be seen in the little details like the paper cut on his hand from late night grading, the coffee stain on his pants and the unzipped backpack. Adam has been my favorite survivor since his release and it would be awesome to see a new skin for him!

Outfit : Frantic Finals

Head: A fresh haircut and smart reading glasses give a put together look on a hectic day.

Torso: Rushing to get dressed, he threw on his favorite cardigan and quickly slung his backpack over his shoulder.

Legs: A bold pair of corduroys made even bolder from the coffee he spilled on them during the train ride to work.

This is the sketch for proof that it's my work:


  • Cupcakeking1560Cupcakeking1560 Member Posts: 14

    Interesting idea ya got haha Love that he failed a test in there

  • TitanTubsTitanTubs Member Posts: 41

    Yes, love the idea. I could totally see this in the game. Adam needs more cosmetics!

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