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Bone Collector - Deathslinger skin concept by Darth_gigglez

Cosmetic name - Bone Collector

Skin concept for the Deathslinger

Made by me (aka Darth_gigglez)


"The lost souls in the realm are prey to the hunter. He waits for the perfect moment to strike. Your screams echo through the void, sending a reminder to others that...there is no escape."

Head: Fossil Remains

"The hunter collects trophies of creatures he finds in the void. This is one exception. The entity's realm is lost in time. The beast awarded the hunter to kill a creature from many years ago"

Body: Bones of Prey

"The entity provides creatures for the hunter to practice on. All of them were too easy. The entity grinned as it provided the hunter with a little bit more of a challenge. Four souls are to be added to his collection."

Weapon: Jaws of Death

"Teeth...the most deadly weapon of any predator. The sharp, jagged fangs taunt survivors of their future."

Sorry I could not post the actual image here for some reason. Something about error 403. But hopefully you are able to see it. Thank you so much for doing this again! I worked really hard on this, so hope you guys like it.


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