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'Can't Catch Kate' -Kate Denson-Rodeo Clown

Forever stuck in the realm of the Entity, Kate Denson has learned to make the best of life and have some fun while trying to stay alive a bit longer. Not only does she bring a smile to the other survivor's faces, but she willingly tries to taunt and draw the killers attention. Kate remembers the Rodeo days from her childhood and has taken on the persona of an expert Rodeo Clown!

Kate assembled the new look by stealing from Kenneth Chase's (The Clown) spare wardrobe, donning his iconic oversized pants, and lovely flower.

Kate has also borrowed a few of Dwight's old ties, and created a cloth bullseye like a traditional Rodeo Clown attempting to draw the attacker's eye.

Why "clickie-clickie" those flashlights when you can taunt the killer with this amusing new cosmetic!

Thanks for taking a look.


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