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CODE: LION David King cosmetic contest entry (Designed by Ruedziel)

RuedzielRuedziel Member Posts: 6


You embody a powerful and respected beast. A valiant protector, you keep your close friends safe.

IRIDESCENT BEAST (HEADPIECE): Never a hider, David King can always be found on the front lines of any battle. The iridescent glow emanating from his mask is the last thing imprinted in the minds of those who've crossed him.

IRIDESCENT BEAST (HOODED VERSION): An edgier look that helps keep the head dry.

WARRIOR Jacket (Torso): Always a fighter, David always stands up for the weak (mainly for the following fight.)

STRENGTH Cargo Pants: A combination of fashion and functionality, these pant pockets store anything David would need from a trip out to a late night skirmish.


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