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If you could design a new map, what would it look like?

OrionbashOrionbash Member Posts: 697

Personally, I think the Clown's rework map should be a carnival fun house.

Outside: A fenced in perimeter with a circus tent in the middle. A ticket area is outside the main entrance with a "backstage" exit in the back (But basically just another entrance going inside). Two gens would be placed out here.

Inside: A total mad house. The design would be dark and creepy with an almost barely-functioning post-apocalyptic feel. The theme behind the map would be "interactive". The tent would be divided into four equal square attractions with rectangular rooms in both the front and back which represent the entrance and backstage area respectively. The entrance would allow you to get into two of the attractions. One on the left or the right of the entrance. The backstage area would do the same. But once you're in, unless you're near a proper exit, you have to move about the attractions like you would in an actual funhouse unless you find yourself at the entrance or the backstage area. Above would be a metal platform walkway accessed via the side of the entrance or the backstage area that would allow easy moving for the killer with the ability to get the drop on, potentially, unsuspecting survivors. Survivors could also use it as a way to get around as well as the killer would probably be down below chasing survivors. The idea here is to minimize pallets for the sake of the killer as much as possible yet creating fun, alternative ways for survivors to get away or waste time.

Attraction 1: Hall of Mirrors. A crazy, mini labyrinth with twists and turns where everything is reflected. You. The Killer. Crows. Even scratchmarks! One gen would be placed in here.

Attraction 2: The Random room. A room with a generator in the middle surrounded by a bunch of doorways and windows that are blacked out behind them. When you move through them, you're placed at another random window or door (Depending on what you went through) in the room. If you choose to loop the killer here, you run the risk of randomely being brought to him/her or away from them.

Attraction 3: A haunted house. A room with a series of mini displays depicting various horror-themed events. Things pop out at you when you run by and light up as you move through the room. Survivors can enter the different sets to hide away from the killer. One gen would also be placed here. This area would have pallets in the displays that you can loop the killer around.

Attraction 4: The Crazy Room. I don't even know if this room would be possible, but since this is just for fun I'll include it any way. The room's entrance and exit would be covered by a passable curtain that survivors and killers can just walk through but are unable to see what is on the other side until they pass through. I want this to be a room of hallucinations where what you see may not actually be reality. For example, if a survivor enters the room the killer's terror radius "tune" is played at all times. For killers, the chase music is always played. Killers get hallucinations of survivors in the area and survivors see both killer and survivor hallucinations. The hallucinations move randomely about the room with one exception. There is a single gen in the room. Killers can see real or fake survivors working on the gen. Survivors can have fake survivors hop on the gen (Where the progress bar for the gen would appear red, but not move any faster) but they disappear after some time or when a killer hits them. As for the design of the room I'd like it to be very basic, potentially having a few pallet spawns. It'd be really cool to have the room as dark as possible with the walls and floor having an endless corridor-like effect where it seems like they keep on going forever, but you're really just running into a wall. Possibly space-themed?


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