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Sweet Zombie Jesus, I hope it was worth it (story time!)

tippy2k2tippy2k2 Member Posts: 2,163

That game took fooooooooorfuuuuuuuuuuuuuckingeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Playing against a killer who had a red mori (of course) and had three generators that they just baby sat. She had taken two people out earlier and now just had me and another solo survivor to deal with.

All she would do is patrol the three generators. If she caught you working on one, she'd hit you, kick the generator, then go back to her patrol. Wouldn't pursue, just stab, kick and patrol.

I had no idea where survivor #2 (she sure as hell wasn't going for the generators, though in her defense, she was wounded so likely playing the "can the killer just kill Tippy so that I can go through the hatch please?) so I decided to just waste the killers time. I sat on the hill, watching the killer walk gen to gen to gen and back again. Gen to gen to gen, back again. Gen to gen to gen, back again. Gen to gen to gen. Back again.

I'm not sure if she got bored or what happened but I realized she was patrolling the areas AROUND the gens more and more. So I did what any self respecting survivor would do in the situation; work on a gen for a second then slink back into the darkness :D

After a few times of tiny repairs and slinking back into darkness like the worlds most passive aggressive Rambo, she was spending longer and longer searching once I did my baby repair. So idea!

Wait for killer to come by, let them start their walk back. Baby repair gen 3 then sprint like a mad man to the farthest away gen (all three gens were on the same side of the map, the one with the big boats on it. Gen 1 was on one side, gen 2 on the big boat, gen 3 on the opposite side). I got to gen 1, still hearing the killers heartbeat so I knew they hadn't left gen 1 yet.

Wait for killer to check out and leave gen 1 then sprint on down and repair like crazy and hope my passive aggressive trap worked. Killer must have gotten frustrated or something cause I was able to finish gen 1 JUUUUST as they showed up! Run Tippy Run!!!!

I run to the gate that is nearby with the killer hot on my heels. Loops around a bit but I take a knife to the back for my troubles. Start sprinting toward the alt gate and hope like hell that 2nd survivor was playing smart and opening the damn gate while I played passive aggressive Rambo. HAZAAAA!!!! The gate is opening and our hero Tippy gets to the gate. Another knife to the back but it is too late for our villain as I dashingly and heroically crawl my way out of the trial.

Game was approx 35 minutes long (give or take) and a waste of everyone's time but that was the sweetest tasting victory ever...

Hope it was worth it killer!

[The End]


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