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Hatch camping

ghostfaceisthegoatghostfaceisthegoat Member Posts: 7

Hi, so I have been playing dbd for a little while now but have never really used the forums or chat rooms before, I was wondering if hatch camping is considered toxic ? For context I am a survivor main and I don't camp the hatch however earlier I was spectating after being moried to see if my team mates escaped. one of the team found the hatch and just waited by it until the other team member was put on their first hook before using the hatch to escape. In your opinion is it toxic to allow your team mate to die on their first hook and wait for the hatch when the killer isn't near them ?

Hatch camping 29 votes

Yes it think it is.
liv071981MegaWafflekylerabdcgamer10NorbiZJoshummsMattie_MayhemOGemptyCupsSpyonmeYeetusDeeletusskypinkxoxo 10 votes
No it think it isn't.
BossSnakeSound222LeatherDaddyJakeFibijeanCheersRevzi100NullclinesSlamitiebrubliskarsgutsGreatbigTurdpseudechisVeckmanZoophageZarinaKindaThickCitrusfruit 16 votes
VenzhasHex_KillerMainBTWMiniPisa 3 votes


  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 8,343
    No it think it isn't.

    At worst, it's discourteous, but even then it depends on circumstances. If the killer is camping or in some other way likely to find and kill you if you attempt to save your teammate, there's no good strategic reason to risk it. Survivors are technically allies, after all, not teammates, so when it comes down to it, it is every man for themselves. Not that you couldn't choose to be brave and altruistic anyway if that's how you like to play, but you do so knowing it's a bad idea from a tactical perspective.

    The reality is, unless the gates are already powered or one of you has a key, it's highly unlikely that both of you are going to get out of that situation alive no matter what you do, and you're more likely to both end up dead if you put yourself in harm's way trying to save them. At that point, sometimes saving your own life is really the best call you can make.

  • Revzi100Revzi100 Member Posts: 520
    No it think it isn't.

    It all depends for me on how the others have been playing, if ive been hooked or injured or they just run past Gens and nobody helps then i will let them rot on the hook and take my free escape. i also dont like it when someone directs the killer towards you, i try to take him away if i can

  • MegaWaffleMegaWaffle Member Posts: 4,172
    Yes it think it is.

    I think its very toxic.

    If I was to offer advice to any survivor it would be to wiggle your tbagging bottoms over to a hook within view of the killer and await your punish- ah reward for being nice.

    Besides I've fallen through the map plenty of times, I can guarantee you nothing good is down that hatch.

  • pseudechispseudechis Member Posts: 2,105
    No it think it isn't.

    It's scummy but its not toxic.

    A toxic player is one that goes out of their way to harass, harm, belittle, bully generally upset other players by trying to ruin their game experience.

    I feel here the word gets used for anything that makes me not get what I want, makes things a lil harder, makes me have to put in effort to win, boo hoo its all toxic.

    I have seen 3 man swf teams leave a solo on the hook at the game start, I have seen solo's hide while others get killed. Its scummy yes but toxic no. and I don't do it I only play killer. Which means if I do anything to get any kind of hit or kill ever, I'm toxic.

  • SnakeSound222SnakeSound222 Member Posts: 4,467
    edited May 2020
    No it think it isn't.

    It’s scummy, but not toxic. The Survivor isn’t going out of their way to make the other one feel bad. They’re just trying to survive.

  • brublibrubli Member Posts: 209
    No it think it isn't.

    No, but even if I was going to give them hatch I will kill them if I see them camping it. Only those that would risk their own lives deserve to live.

  • ZarinaKindaThickZarinaKindaThick Member Posts: 63
    No it think it isn't.

    Really, it depends on the side the person camping is.

    As survivor, it's like a last "gg ez" before the game ends, so it can be interpreted as both, but as killer, it can be seen somewhat as a strategy depending on the killer that you're playing. But overall, I don't think it's all that toxic

  • MiniPisaMiniPisa Member Posts: 632

    It's a bit of both in this scenario.

    To camp the hatch and wait for the teammate to get caught is definitely scummy.

    However, knowing where the hatch is and letting your teammate die isn't toxic.

    In fact, I actually think it's toxic for the person on the hook to struggle when the other person is clearly trying to tell them they found the hatch. Unless this person was a dick, it's pretty selfish. If there's more than 1 gen left there's no way you're both escaping alive.

  • Hex_KillerMainBTWHex_KillerMainBTW Member Posts: 447

    There's two things to consider.

    A: How many gens are done and how many people are on death hook.

    B: If people see that it's going to come down to a hatch game. (2-3 dead within the first 1-2 gens being completed)

    Now, if it's option A: and one person is camping the hatch when the gens could be pushed out and multiple escape, I consider it to be toxic (in a way. Probably more scummy)

    Option B: I think it's perfectly reasonable to want to just escape rather than dying. Granted I've seen people hold onto the hooks for the killer to find and kill them. Which, I honestly think is way more scummy and toxic.

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