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Streetwise: a concept of its reworking.

Before the Toolboxes’ rework Streetwise had some use, it gave very significant amount of additional charges which could be used to totally gen rush. Now though, this perk is very bad in my opinion. There are lots of a lot more useful ones like Exhaustion perks, Unbreakable, Borrowed Time, Decisive and so on. Thats why I have decided to suggest an idea of its reworking and simultaneously a bit refresh the gameplay.


Long nights out taught you to do a lot with what you’ve got.

When holding an item with no add-ons, Streetwise applies the next effects:

  • Med-kits: +8 charges; -50% item consumption rate while healing other Survivors; +35% action speed while healing Dying Survivors.
  • Toolboxes: +8 charges; a Toolbox can be used on switchers of Exit Gates not being powered yet. The action takes 8 seconds and reduces the opening time of the Exit Gate by 8 seconds;
  • Flashlights: +4 seconds of use; shine with a Flashlight at Dull Totem to burn in. The Burning takes 3 seconds and trumps any effect.
  • Maps: all Generators, Dull Totems, Chests and Exit Gates are automatically tracked; don’t need to concentrate the map to percieve Auras of Generators.
  • Keys: Survivors’ Auras are revealed to you when within a 48 meters range; don’t need to concentrate the key to gain this effect.

The Med-Kit effect would encourage Survivors to heal each other and help them if the Killer wants to slug.

Toolbox introduces a completely new mechanic of interacting with the Exit Gates which may help Survivors to escape the Killer after all generators are done, or if Survivor is a last standing and Exit Gates are very close to each other.

Flashlights would encourage to work on Totems due to drastically increased speed.

Maps would became a lot better at least because you gain the whole Killer’s basic ability to see Generators and other stuff.

Keys is boosted Bond, at the cost of not using other items.

What do you think?


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