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Question for people who complain about being tunneled

How are you still getting caught? Surely if you're being tunneled every other game you should be in chases the majority of the time. So why are you so bad at looping that you still end up dying?



  • ShocktoberShocktober Member Posts: 678

    God loops are not gone. There's still quite a few left, if you have the eye for them.

    "DS doesn't give enough time" you can literally go sit in a locker for 1 minute, using no resources, and that in theory is close to 3 gens done by the rest of your team. Or, they open the locker, and you get a completely free extra life if you are not a potato and can hit a huge skillcheck.

  • SurviveByDaylightSurviveByDaylight Member Posts: 720

    A good Huntress, Doctor and Nurse won’t let you loop them at all. There’s no mindgaming. It’s all in the killers control with those guys if you’re good. People go down. Killers aren’t that difficult to play yet people whine 😂 then they buff. There’s the Unjustified doctor buff. Huge Disregard for the fact that huntress doesn’t need 3 iri heads lol Still no word on those darn Ebony Mori’s.

    listen, I main Plague, one of the lower tier killers and still do fine against red rank survivors. and this is on console. If any side needs help it’s survivor in terms of making it more enjoyable. What better way to fix DC problems than adding a DC penalty rather than making it more fun by .... well... idk maybe not making RIGHT BUMPER literally used for every interaction in the game 😂

  • SurviveByDaylightSurviveByDaylight Member Posts: 720

    They’re hiding in the basement with an insidious Bubba waiting for someone to loot a chest. Or maybe just straight up face camping because they didn’t like getting denied a hook from a flashlight save or body block. No pressure, no problem lol

  • CosmicParagonCosmicParagon Member Posts: 959

    People have been moaning about it LONG before loops got nerfed, and the only killer that has an uncounterable antiloop is Nurse

  • CosmicParagonCosmicParagon Member Posts: 959

    You can't pressure your way out of a gen popping in the time it takes to cross the map. You can, however, learn to predict what a killer will do next, conserve pallets, etc

  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 5,087
    edited May 2020

    It's hard to get better when the survivor queues are so long I only play like a couple survivor matches a month. By the time I play another match, I've forgotten which button is for "run" and which is for "crouch" (not exaggerating, I get those mixed up every time I get around to playing survivor, now). I get caught immediately, I get tunneled out, and then I move on to something else because the queue time was longer than the match.

    Edit: I just want to point out I'm not complaining about being tunneled, just explaining how it still happens to me after I've been playing the game for so long.

  • CosmicParagonCosmicParagon Member Posts: 959

    Learn to loop, like I said. If you're getting tunneled, you should be getting more than enough practice in chases to improve.

  • TraitorousLeopardTraitorousLeopard Member Posts: 156

    It's almost like injured survivors have visual and audio cues to give them away that healthy survivors don't have. Pretty common where a Killer will return to the hook, see no one, and then hear the injured guy who just got unhooked. To ask the killer, who spent time walking back there, to ignore them when no other targets are present, is basically asking them to throw games.

    Unfortunately, a lot of the time the answer to "why are people who were just unhooked being targeted" is because the game is literally designed around it, and Perks are basically all that keeps tunneling from being the smart approach 100% of the time.

  • CosmicParagonCosmicParagon Member Posts: 959

    That's why the other 3 survivors are doing generators while you hopefully keep a chase for more than 5 seconds

  • HuffHuff Member Posts: 1,480

    I've complained about tunneling but it's usually a combined act between my team mate and the killer. Just today I had a game against a Freddy where I got found near the beginning, only got to work a little on a gen before I had to start running. I ran and looped him a little, but then when I pallet stunned him, he landed on the side I was on, so I vaulted over, and then he literally just rubberbanded back. Then of course he downs me and hooks me. Then, as I get unhooked he's coming back my way, so I'm already having to get back on the run because he ignores my team mates and goes for me. I get to the opposite end of the map where he finally just spams snares around a pallet and downs me from that of course, for a 2nd time. So while I'm struggling, the Fred just patrols the area and ends up catching a Zarina that came after a little bit, and starts chasing her. A Jake also saw she started getting chased, so he too tried to come over to me and unhook me before I got sacrificed, but Freddy just came right back once again and Jake unhooked me right in front of him. Not sure he had much of a choice anyway, but he didn't bother taking a hit so once again Freddy just downs me a 3rd time, picks me right back up, and I'm out of a game where all I did is just run around and get chased down by the killer, not to mention a boring killer.

    I don't just complain about tunneling just because I can't loop or anything because I can, but it's just so boring to just not be left alone for even a second, and get all the killer's attention, while the team mates just kind of get to run around and do whatever. I'm not saying that I have no impact of the game because of course I do, but with how boring it is I think it's kind of obvious why I'd complain in a situation like that. It's not unfair, just stupid to go against. Especially when I only get to get hooked twice or even only 1 time before dying because the killer just won't leave.

    Not everybody who eventually gets downed is "bad at looping."

  • CosmicParagonCosmicParagon Member Posts: 959

    Huntess: Look behind you, learn to juke

    Doctor: Don't be greedy, drop/vault early. His shock in chases is literally identical to his old version

    Nurse is so difficult to properly learn to the point of shutting down all the loops, that they frankly deserve the hit. Dead Hard also completely ######### her

  • SurviveByDaylightSurviveByDaylight Member Posts: 720
    edited May 2020

    Yeah I agree. There are a lot of times you can’t really do anything to defend yourself in this game as survivor. DS doesn’t always really do anything to keep you in the game 🤣 a one time 5s stun isn’t much at all if someone’s tunneling you. BT? Nah, that’s not gonna do anything if it’s a silent killer. Even then, you’ll get slugged. Fun fun fun! Yet killers complain they need more 🤦🏽

  • CosmicParagonCosmicParagon Member Posts: 959

    Were your teammates injured or healthy, and were they even visible to the Freddy?

  • CosmicParagonCosmicParagon Member Posts: 959

    If you can loop properly, tunneling benefits you. Since you're moaning about how it sucks, you probably suck at looping

  • Hex_KillerMainBTWHex_KillerMainBTW Member Posts: 446

    My dude. When a killer's perk gets nerfed, then survivors say "no it's only fair" both sides get nerfed. Your post is pretty bias and gives me self entitled vibes

  • CosmicParagonCosmicParagon Member Posts: 959

    You have 2 hooks, and there's 4 of you. If you can't run a killer for at LEAST one gen, you're doing it wrong

  • SurviveByDaylightSurviveByDaylight Member Posts: 720
    edited May 2020

    huntress: no the hitbox is too big. I can record the times I’ve seen a hatchet fly into the top left corner of the screen and my guy goes down. But my point was, they don’t need 3 iri heads when they don’t have to earn them. Oooh you paid for them. Psssh. Yeah but survivors can’t reload their ultra rare items somewhere? Yeah okay.

    doctor: a good doctors not gonna let you drop the pallet at all in time to cut him off 🤣 The stun lasts too long. He’s got really good anti loop no matter the excuses you try come up with.

    nurse: but it’s still possible to be An unavoidable hit. That’s my point. Is that there’s not a lot you can do sometimes.

  • HuffHuff Member Posts: 1,480

    If you are referring to when I was hooked to be put into struggle phase, I was on one end of the map and pretty much everybody else was a pretty far range away, at least far enough to be detected by BBQ. Everybody but me was healthy. Nobody made it super obvious they were coming, in my opinion. Zarina came pretty quickly but she was being careful (walking) and trying to hide behind things. Fred just happened to be checking around the area like I said and ran into her, so she ran, and Jake saw that and start coming over. Fred dropped chase, probably because he was expecting somebody to come once another person got hit, and like I said he just went straight for me as I got unhooked and put me right back up for the 3rd time.

    So they were all healthy, being relatively careful, and no they wouldn't have been visible to Freddy by line of sight. Only if you're counting being seen by BBQ because as I said, when I got hooked they were all a decent distance away (and Fred could have easily gone after one of them with how he can TP to any unfinished gen.)

  • RespectfulnancymainRespectfulnancymain Member Posts: 1,816

    I can run a killer for 5 gens but my potato teammates self care in the corner of the map against legion with sloppy, thanta and dying light. Only way to deal with potato teammates is by playing swf but swf is "op and toxic" as people claim. If a killer tunnles the rank 20 meghead thanks to Amazing matchmaking and takes her out in the first 5 seconds of the game how is that my fault? Your arguments logic only works with a swf in solo q your argument is 100% invalid.

    Have you ever played solo q?

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,842

    I've been to red ranks twice, and you know how I did it? STEALTH.

    There are very few people in this game who can run a killer for 5 full gens and escape. Most of them also have builds specifically for that, and have every perk on every character, as well as play this game religiously.

    How am I also meant to practice my running/looping when I only have one health state before dying and about two seconds after an unhook to do something with it, huh? How am I meant to improve on a skill when I don't have a chance to do so? I COULD run DS, but no wait. That's toxic now since I won't let the killer get away with his BS and I'm a baby for using a "crutch perk", so they'll just slug me and wait it out.

    Maybe I also don't WANT to have to run a fecking marathon every game and want to play all elements of survivor. If I want to play a specific role or just one part of the game, then I'll go into customs with friends who are all going to run stupid meme builds. In regular games, I want to have a hand in everything.

    There's also the issue of the fact that survivor wait times are WAY LONGER than killer ones at all levels at the moment, so I have to wait longer for less game time. Now why would that be considered frustrating, huh? I payed money for a game I cannot now play because someone playing the other role decided that "no, nobody should have fun in this GAME that they are playing FOR FUN."

    So, why do YOU think people complain, huh? Why should I have to devote my ENTIRE EXPERIENCE to trying to deal with your crappy playstyle? Because you got beat by a group and got mad? Because I held you off at the start as 2 generators got popped and now you feel like you can't beat me normally?

    I'm with @toxicnancymain and @KingFrost and their original comments. The exact same thing could be said to killers, but then the lecturers will come out how killers have to balance everything and all that and they shouldn't have to cater to the survivors and their playstyle..... So why the double standard? I'm going to throw this on you. Why should I adapt for YOU every game?

    I hate these "just git gud" style threads because they don't help anyone. And people like you are only further distancing the divide between Killer and Survivor that I am working so hard on here to close. Go and play 10 games of survivor, get tunnelled and camped for 8 or more, then come back and tell us to "just loop better."

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