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[August 23rd, 2018] | Livestream: Play With the Devs

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Join us on #Twitch at 2PM EST

Play with the Devs


Mathieu Cote - Game Director
Matt - Designer Lead


not_Queen - Community Manager
Patricia - Community Manager

News and Announcements

  • Additions to the Community Management team
    @Patricia - Community Manager
    @Aizeyu @Dova @Peanits @Shiroku @Ryuti @Vorfidus - Associate Community Managers

  • Tokyo Game Show - We are going! (September 19-23)

  • Scorching Summer BBQ (It ended today, thanks for your participation!)
  • Player Test Build - Will be live August 28th


Stefan Horvath - Game Designer
Dominic Aube - QA
Andre Laniel - Map Designer
Janick Neveu - Game Designer
Jeffrey Melo - QA
Patricia - Community Manager

Next Week

Q&A YouTube session with Horvath, McLean and not_Queen / August 30th
Post your questions here: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/15235/question-for-the-youtube-q-a#latest

Next Livestream

Next Livestream will be on September 6th
Meet the artists and designers behind the creation of the new content!

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